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Untappd wrapper library

Project description


Python wrapper for the Untappd v4 API. Developed to power No Gluten Beer.

Based almost entirely on the excellent foursquare.


pip install untappd


# Construct the client object (user_agent is optional, at least 'authorize' endpoint responds with 'HTTP 429 Too Many Requests' to default User-Agent header string like 'python-requests/2.24.0')
client = untappd.Untappd(client_id='YOUR_CLIENT_ID', client_secret='YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET', redirect_url='YOUR_REDIRECT_URL', user_agent='letmein')


For endpoints that access a user's data, you must obtain an access token before you can request data from the API:

# Build the authorization url for your app
auth_url = client.oauth.get_auth_url()

Redirect your user to the address auth_url and let them authorize your app. They will then be redirected to your redirect_url, with a query paramater of code=XX_CODE_RETURNED_IN_REDIRECT_XX. In your webserver, parse out the code value, and use it to call client.oauth.get_access_token()

# Interrogate Untappd to get the user's access_token
access_token = client.oauth.get_access_token('XX_CODE_RETURNED_IN_REDIRECT_XX')

# Apply the returned access token to the client

# Grab authenticated data
user =

Making Requests

Making requests to the Untappd API is simple. This wrapper mirrors the API endpoint structure detailed in the documentation. For example, the Activity Feed endpoint is /v4/checkin/recent so you can pull data from this endpoint like this:

activity_feed = client.checkin.recent()

You can send parameters using keyword arguments:

activity_feed = client.checkin.recent(min_id=10, limit=50)

For endpoints that require a parameter in the endpoint URL, like Brewery Info (/v4/brewery/info/BREWERY_ID), you include that parameter as the first argument in your request:

brewery_info ='BREWERY_ID')

Any additional parameters you want to include should be keyword arguments:

brewery_info ='BREWERY_ID', compact='true')

If the endpoint URL has three components, like Add to Wish List (/v4/user/wishlist/add), you must separate the second and third component with an underscore:

result = client.user.wishlist_add(bid='BEER_ID')

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