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URBaMT: Universal Rule-based Machine Translation Toolkit

Project description

URBaMT: Universal Rule-Based Machine Translation toolkit

A tool for translating text from source grammar to target grammar (context-free) with corresponding dictionary.

Why not translate it yourself when Google Translate cannot satisfy you❓

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pip install urbamt


from urbamt import Translator

# Source sentence to be translated
src_sentences = ["I love good dogs", "I hate bad dogs"]

# Source grammar in nltk parsing style
src_grammar = """
                S -> NP VP
                NP -> PRP
                VP -> VB NP
                NP -> JJ NN
                PRP -> 'I'
                VB -> 'love' | 'hate'
                JJ -> 'good' | 'bad'
                NN -> 'dogs'

# Some edit within source grammar to target grammar
src_to_target_grammar =  {
    "NP -> JJ NN": "NP -> NN JJ" # in Vietnamese NN goes before JJ

# Word-by-word dictionary from source language to target language
en_to_vi_dict = {
    "dogs":"những chú_chó",

translator = Translator(src_grammar = src_grammar,
                            src_to_tgt_grammar = src_to_target_grammar,
                            src_to_tgt_dictionary = en_to_vi_dict)

trans_sentences = translator.translate(src_sentences) 
# This should returns ['tôi yêu những chú_chó ngoan', 'tôi ghét những chú_chó hư']


This repository is using the Apache 2.0 license that is listed in the repo. Please take a look at LICENSE as you wish.


If you wish to cite the framework feel free to use this (but only if you loved it 😊):

  author = {Patrick Phat},
  title = {URBaMT: Universal Rule-Based Machine Translation toolkit},
  year = {2020},
  publisher = {GitHub},
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  • Patrick Phat Nguyen

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