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Urd is a scheduler for Django projects

Project description

Urd is a scheduler for Django projects. Some features:

  • schedule < 1m time slots

  • single concurrent execution [1]

  • fast enable/disable [2]

  • simple deployment

  • no extra dependencies beyond Django


  • Install urd pip install urd

  • Add urd to INSTALLED_APPS

  • Run migrate

  • Start the scheduler with monitor


  • Define a module in the app that should have tasks.

  • Create a function like this:

def my_task(heartbeat):
    for foo in bar:

Calling heartbeat() regularly is important to make the task cancellable in a timely manner.

Now define a task in the iommi admin. It will be enabled pretty much as soon as you save.


Urd ships with integration for the iommi admin.

Why not cron/celery/django-q

  • Cron didn’t work for me because I need to execute a function more often than once a minute

  • Cron also doesn’t work for me because if you do once per minute, and the task takes two minutes, you get TWO executing processes of that task for a while. This can be disastrous for a few reasons, and can cause things to spiral out of control.

  • Celery/django-q are task queues, not schedulers. They have scheduler components, but they don’t have a way to ensure only one process at a time runs a specific task.

  • Django-q doesn’t allow schedules that execute more often than once per minute

  • Django-q caused me a lot of problems where the schedule seemed to put future items in the queue, and I couldn’t make it stop trying to execute them.

What does urd mean?

Urd (or Urðr, or Wyrd) is one of the Norns, the goddesses who weave the destiny of gods and humans.

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urd-1.3.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl (16.9 kB view hashes)

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