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Performance-focused replacement for Python's urlparse module

Project description

urlparse4 is a performance-focused replacement for Python’s urlparse module, using C++ code from Chromium’s own URL parser.

It is not production-ready yet.

Many credits go to gurl-cython for inspiration.

Differences with Python’s urlparse

urlparse4 should be a transparent, drop-in replacement in almost all cases. Still, there are a few differences to be aware of:

  • urlparse4 is 2-7x faster for most operations (see benchmarks below)
  • urlparse4 currently doesn’t pass CPython’s suite due to edge cases that Chromium’s parser manages differently (usually in accordance to the RFCs, which urlparse doesn’t follow entirely).
  • urlparse4 only supports Python 2.7 for now

How to test

You must have Docker installed and running. You can run CPython’s test suite for urlparse like this:

make docker_build
make docker_test


We are testing the following librairies on a sample of 100k URLs from Blink and DMOZ:

Each of them is being tested on a few different types of operations (basic urlsplit, relative link resolution, hostname extraction)

Here is how to launch the tests:

make docker_build
make docker_benchmark

Current results on a 2.2GHz Intel Core i7 MBP (in seconds):

Benchmark results on 104300 URLs x 10 times, in seconds:

Name              Sum            Mean               Median             90%
----------------  -------------  -----------------  -----------------  -----------------

----              ----           ----               ----               ----
urlparse4         1.681858       1.61251965484e-06  1.99999999984e-06  2.00000000006e-06
pygurl            2.031712       1.94795014382e-06  1.99999999984e-06  2.00000000028e-06
uritools          2.638991       2.53019271333e-06  2.00000000028e-06  3.00000000042e-06
yurl              3.910247       3.74903835091e-06  3.00000000131e-06  4.99999999981e-06
urlparse2         3.756782       3.60190028763e-06  2.99999999953e-06  4.00000000056e-06
urlparse          3.862006       3.70278619367e-06  3.00000000308e-06  4.99999999803e-06
cyuri             9.912275       9.50361936721e-06  8.00000000112e-06  1.30000000027e-05

----              ----           ----               ----               ----
urlparse4         2.008453       1.92565004794e-06  2.00000000206e-06  2.00000000206e-06
pygurl            2.193427       2.10299808245e-06  2.00000000206e-06  2.99999999953e-06
uritools          10.575344      1.01393518696e-05  9.99999999607e-06  1.20000000052e-05
yurl              13.213052      1.26683144775e-05  1.19999999981e-05  1.60000000022e-05
urlparse2         14.239327      1.36522790029e-05  1.19999999981e-05  1.69999999997e-05
urlparse          9.25991500001  8.87815436242e-06  8.00000000822e-06  1.10000000006e-05
cyuri             5.742724       5.50596740172e-06  5.00000000159e-06  7.00000001075e-06

----              ----           ----               ----               ----
urlparse4         1.883982       1.80631064237e-06  1.99999999495e-06  2.00000000916e-06
pygurl            1.67332099999  1.60433461169e-06  1.99999999495e-06  2.00000000916e-06
uritools          3.31632199999  3.17959923297e-06  3.00000000664e-06  4.00000000411e-06
yurl              3.853319       3.69445733461e-06  3.00000000664e-06  4.00000000411e-06
urlparse2         4.641513       4.45015627996e-06  4.00000000411e-06  5.99999999906e-06
urlparse          5.122682       4.91148801534e-06  4.00000000411e-06  5.99999999906e-06
cyuri             11.108649      1.06506701822e-05  9.0000000057e-06   1.5999999988e-05

Some libraries are included in the benchmark code but disabled for various reasons:

Feel free to submit pull requests to add new ones!


We’d love to hear your feedback! Feel free to look at the issues on GitHub and open new ones if needed :)

Project details

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