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Web API testing for haas

Project description

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usagi is a plugin for haas that adds support for discovering Web API test cases descibed in YAML.

usagi requires haas v0.6.0 or later.

Current Features

  • Describe web API tests using YAML.

  • Template URLs to avoid repeating items.

  • Variables and target hostname can be provided by environment variables.

  • YAML format contains multiple test cases.

  • Each test case is a grouping of related tests.

  • Make flexible assertions about the server’s response.

  • Contribute web API test runner functionality through plugins.

  • Assert that the SHA256 of the response body matches an expected value.

  • Filter JSON response bodies before comparison using jq filter syntax:


  • Var loaders

    • Load from environment

    • Template string based on other vars

    • Load from file, either plaintext or JSON

  • Assertions

    • Assert status code

    • Assert header is present or matches value or regexp


  • Add more assertions!

Test config format

  • version: Currently required, but unverified (we are at v0.1.0.devN, after all).

  • config: Common test case configuration.

    • host: The name (or IP) of the host to test.

      • Can come from env, template, file, like vars.

    • scheme: The scheme (http, https) to use to connect to host

    • vars: Common variable definitions for all test cases; formatted as a dictionary of var name to type and value.

      • Simple string vars are allowed.

      • Others are specified as a dictionary with key type to determine how to load.

  • cases: Collection of test cases. Each case contains multiple tests

    • name: The name of the test case

    • tests: Collection of individual tests

      • name: The name of the test

      • url: The URI/path relative to host against which the test will be executed.

      • method: The HTTP method to use for the test.

      • assertions: List of assertions to make about the test.

Example Test

  version: '1.0'

    # Host is loaded as an environment variable
      type: env
      env: TEST_HOSTNAME

      # Simple string var
      api_root: "/api/v1/json"

      # Template var
        type: template
        template: "{api_root}/metadata"

      # Variable loaded as JSON from file
        type: file
        file: some_file.json
        format: json

    - name: "Basic"
        - name: "Test root URL"
          url: "/"
            - name: status_code
              expected: 200
            - name: header
              header: Content-Type
              value: text/plain

    - name: "A case"
        - name: "Authentication failure"
            type: template
            template: "{metadata}/auth/required"
            method: GET
              Content-Type: application/json
            - name: status_code
              expected: 401
            - name: header
              header: WWW-Authenticate
              regexp: "Basic realm=.*"
        - name: "POST json"
            type: template
            template: "{metadata}/post"
            method: POST
              format: json
              lookup-var: false
                some: ["json-compatible", "structure"]
            - name: status_code
              expected: 204

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