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Makes it Easy to Manage Tornado Applications

Project description


Makes it Easy to Manage Tornado :tornado: Applications
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Why Usernado

I'm using 🌪️ every day. I really like it 😍 . Besides of all advantages of Tornado, it's not a full-stack framework, and I had to put all the pieces of the puzzle together every day 😩! So this is my attempt to follow DRY(Don't Repeat Yourself) principle. This is how the Usernado was born.


  • REST support :zap:

  • Websocket easier than ever :zap:

  • ORM agnostic authentication :zap:

  • Humanize datetime in templates :zap:

  • Better exception printer thanks to tornado-debugger :zap:


Install either with pip or poetry.

pip install usernado
poetry add usernado

Or optionally you can install from github using

pip install git+


Hello Usernado

from usernado.helpers import api_route
from usernado import APIHandler
from tornado import web, ioloop

@api_route("/hello", name="hello")
class Hello(APIHandler):
    def get(self):
        self.response({"message": "Hello, Usernado"})

def make_app():
    return web.Application(api_route.urls, autoreload=True)

def main():
    app = make_app()

if __name__ == "__main__":

For more examples please Check out examples.


  • Send and broadcast for websockets
  • Abstracted authentication methods
  • Authenticaion methods should return True/False
  • Add diff_for_human (humanize) decorator
  • Add api_route for API handlers
  • Add username & password to test login
  • Add pluralize (str_plural) uimodule
  • Add pagination :link:


Email: tell.reganto[at]

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