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ustache, Mustache for Python

Project description


Mustache for Python.



pip install ustache



import ustache

print(ustache.render('Hello {{v}}', {'v': 'World!'}))
# Hello World!

Command line:

$ ustache -j data.json -o output.html template.mustache


  • The fastest pure-python Mustache implementation to this date.
  • Command line interface.
  • Spec compliant, but also highly compatible with Mustache.js.
  • Small codebase, efficiently rendering to str or bytes, supporting streaming.
  • Customizable (property getter, partial resolver, and stringify, escape and lambda render functions).
  • Customizable template caching, with an optional memory-efficient mode (see xxhash optional dependency below).
  • No dynamic code generation, jit and transpiler friendly.


For inter-compatibility with JavaScript (especially Mustache.js, enabling client-side rendering with the same templates), ustache exposes some atypical behavior:

  • Mustache blocks stick to JavaScript falseness (__bool__ is not honored): None, False, 0, nan, and empty sequences (including strings) are taken as falsy, while everything else (including empty mappings) will be considered truthy (Mustache.js Boolean and empty Array handling).
  • Mustache blocks receiving any iterable other than mappings and strings will result on a loop (Mustache.js Array handling).
  • Non-mapping sized objects will expose a virtual length property (JavaScript Array.length emulation). Customizable via getter parameter.
  • Mapping keys containing dot (.) or whitespace ( ) are unreachable, (Mustache.js property name limitation). Customizable via getter parameter.
  • Sequence elements are accessible by positive index in the same way mapping integer-keyed items are also accessible when no string key conflicts, as properties (JavaScript Object emulation). Customizable via getter parameter.

Optional dependencies

For minimalism and portability, ustache has no hard dependencies, while still supporting some libraries for added functionality:

  • xxhash will be used, if available, to avoid storing the whole template data as part of the template cache, dramatically reducing its memory footprint in many situations.

Optional but generally recommended dependencies can be easily installed all at once using ustache optional extra target:

$ pip install ustache[optional]


Check out the mustache(5) manual.

For quick reference, here is a quick overview of the Mustache syntax.

Template (template.mustache):

{{^object}}<li>As <b>object</b> is truthy, this won't be shown</li>{{/object}}
{{^null}}<li><b>null</b> is falsy</li>{{/null}}
{{^array}}<li>Array isn't empty, this won't be shown.</li>{{/array}}
{{#empty_array}}<li>Empty Array, this won't be shown</li>{{/empty_array}}
{{^empty_array}}<li>empty_array is empty</li>{{/empty_array}}

Data (data.json):

  "object": {
    "property": "Object property value"
  "null": null,
  "array": [
    {"property": "Array item1 property"},
    {"property": "Array item2 property"},
    {"property": "Array item3 property"}
  "empty_array": [],
  "unescaped_html": "<li>this is unescaped html</li>"


$ ustache -j data.json -o output.html template.mustache


<li>Object property value</li>
<li><b>null</b> is falsy</li>
<li>Array item1 property</li>
<li>Array item2 property</li>
<li>Array item3 property</li>
<li>empty_array is empty</li>
<li>this is unescaped html</li>

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