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usufy - Piece of software to check the existence of a given profile in different platforms developed by i3visio.

Project description

usufy  Copyright (C) 2014  F. Brezo and Y. Rubio, i3visio


usufy is a GPLv3+ piece of software that checks the existence of a profile for a given user in a bunch of different platforms using the error messages displayed by most platforms when a user profile has not been found as the evidence of the existence or not of a given profile. Its inheritance system has been designed to allow an easy development of new wrappers while its multiprocessing conception shows the results fastly.

The supported networks include by 2014-12-26 are: ‘500px’, ‘adtriboo’, ‘anarchy101’, ‘aporrealos’, ‘apsense’, ‘arduino’, ‘ariva’, ‘armorgames’, ‘artbreak’, ‘artician’, ‘arto’, ‘askfm’, ‘audiob’, ‘audioboo’, ‘authorstream’, ‘autospies’, ‘backyardchickens’, ‘badoo’, ‘behance’, ‘bennugd’, ‘bitbucket’, ‘bitcointalk’, ‘bitly’, ‘blackplanet’, ‘bladna’, ‘blip’, ‘blogspot’, ‘bookmarky’, ‘bookofmatches’, ‘boonex’, ‘bordom’, ‘boxedup’, ‘breakcom’, ‘bucketlistly’, ‘’, ‘burdastyle’, ‘buzznet’, ‘cafemom’, ‘carbonmade’, ‘cardomain’, ‘care2’, ‘castroller’, ‘causes’, ‘ccsinfo’, ‘chess’, ‘cockos’, ‘connectingsingles’, ‘dailymail’, ‘dailymotion’, ‘deviantart’, ‘digitalspy’, ‘disqus’, ‘doodle’, ‘douban’, ‘dribbble’, ‘drugbuyersforum’, ‘drupal’, ‘ebay’, ‘echatta’, ‘elmundo’, ‘enfemenino’, ‘epinions’, ‘eqe’, ‘ethereum’, ‘etsy’, ‘evilzone’, ‘facebook’, ‘fanpop’, ‘fark’, ‘favstar’, ‘flickr’, ‘flixster’, ‘foodspotting’, ‘forobtc’, ‘forocoches’, ‘foursquare’, ‘freebase’, ‘freerepublic’, ‘friendfeed’, ‘gametracker’, ‘gapyear’, ‘garage4hackers’, ‘gather’, ‘geeksphone’, ‘genspot’, ‘getsatisfaction’, ‘github’, ‘gitorious’, ‘gogobot’, ‘goodreads’, ‘googleplus’, ‘gsmspain’, ‘hellboundhackers’, ‘hi5’, ‘ibosocial’, ‘identica’, ‘imgur’, ‘instagram’, ‘instructables’, ‘intersect’, ‘intfiction’, ‘islamicawakening’, ‘issuu’, ‘ixgames’, ‘jamiiforums’, ‘kaboodle’, ‘kali’, ‘karmacracy’, ‘kickstarter’, ‘kinja’, ‘klout’, ‘kongregate’, ‘kupika’, ‘lastfm’, ‘linkedin’, ‘livejournal’, ‘looki’, ‘marca’, ‘matchdoctor’, ‘mcneel’, ‘mediavida’, ‘medium’, ‘meneame’, ‘metacafe’, ‘migente’, ‘minecraft’, ‘musicasacra’, ‘myeloma’, ‘myspace’, ‘naver’, ‘netlog’, ‘netvibes’, ‘occupywallst’, ‘odnoklassniki’, ‘openframeworks’, ‘oroom’, ‘pastebin’, ‘pearltrees’, ‘peerbackers’, ‘photobucket’, ‘pinterest’, ‘pixinsight’, ‘pjrc’, ‘plancast’, ‘pokerred’, ‘pokerstrategy’, ‘pornhub’, ‘proboards’, ‘pz’, ‘qq’, ‘quartermoonsaloon’, ‘rankia’, ‘rapid’, ‘ratemypoo’, ‘rawtherapee’, ‘rebelmouse’, ‘redtube’, ‘relatious’, ‘researchgate’, ‘rojadirecta’, ‘ruby’, ‘scribd’, ‘sencha’, ‘skype’, ‘slashdot’, ‘slideshare’, ‘smartcitizen’, ‘sokule’, ‘soundcloud’, ‘sourceforge’, ‘spaniards’, ‘spoj’, ‘spotify’, ‘squidoo’, ‘steamcommunity’, ‘steinberg’, ‘streakgaming’, ‘stuff’, ‘stumbleupon’, ‘teamtreehouse’, ‘techcrunch’, ‘thecarcommunity’, ‘theguardian’, ‘thehoodup’, ‘thesims’, ‘thestudentroom’, ‘tradimo’, ‘travian’, ‘tripadvisor’, ‘tripit’, ‘trulia’, ‘tumblr’, ‘tuporno’, ‘tvtag’, ‘twicsy’, ‘twitch’, ‘twitpic’, ‘twitter’, ‘twoplustwo’, ‘ummahforum’, ‘unsystem’, ‘ustream’, ‘vexforum’, ‘videohelp’, ‘vimeo’, ‘virustotal’, ‘vk’, ‘wefollow’, ‘wikipedia’, ‘winamp’, ‘wishlistr’, ‘wordpress’, ‘wykop’, ‘xanga’, ‘xat’, ‘xing’, ‘xtube’, ‘youku’, ‘youtube’, ‘zabbix’, ‘zentyal’

License: GPLv3+

This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program.  If not, see <>.

For more details on this issue, run: python --license


The instructions may vary in the different OS. However, we strongly recommend to install the i3visiotools package separately, as you will be able to configure your credentials for the different platforms and private API. If you don’t have any, you can go on with this tutorial.

Under Linux

We recommend you to create a folder under /var owned by the current user. For instance: # You will need superuser privileges to create this folder sudo mkdir /var/i3visio # You will need to change the owner to your user to work with it safely # If your user was alice sudo chown alice:alice /var/i3visio

The rest of the installation under Python 2.7 is as follows: # Navigate to the destiny's folder cd /var/i3visio # Cloning the repository. Recommended for developers. git clone usufy-master cd usufy-master or # Navigate to the destiny's folder cd /var/i3visio # Download wget # Unzip unzip cd usufy-master

Then you can resume the installation. # Superuser privileges are required so as to complete the installation. sudo python build sudo python install Afterwards, the module will be importable from any python code. You can check this by typing: python -c "import usufy" If no error is displayed, the installation would have been performed correctly.


So as to run the program, navigate to /var/i3visio/usufy-mster/usufy and run: python -h The usage is described as follows: usage: (--info <action> | -l <path_to_nick_list> | -n <nick> [<nick> ...]) [-p <platform> [<platform> ...]] [-t <tag> [<tag> ...]] [-a] [-e <sum_ext> [<sum_ext> ...]] [-o <path_to_output_folder>] [-v <verbosity>] [-h] [--license] [--version]

The functionalities are described as follows: ``` Input options (one required): There are two different ways of receiving the nicks in

–info select the action to be performed amongst the following: list_platforms (list the details of the selected platforms) or list_tags (list the tags of the selected platforms). -l , –list path to the file where the list of nicks to verify is stored (one per line). -n [ …], –nicks [ …] the list of nicks to process (at least one is required).

Platform selection arguments: Criteria for selecting the platforms where performing the search.

-p [ …], –platforms [ …] select the platforms where you want to perform the search amongst the following: all, badoo, blip, delicious, ebay, facebook, foursquare, googleplus, karmacracy, klout, myspace,pastebin, pinterest, slideshare, twitter, vk, youtube. More than one option can be selected. -t [ …], –tags [ …] select the list of tags that fit the platforms in which you want to perform the search. More than one option can be selected.

Processing arguments: Configuring the way in which usufy will process the identified profiles.

-a, –avoid_processing argument to force usufy NOT to process the downloaded valid profiles. -e [ …], –extension [ …] output extension for the summary file (at least, one required). Currently supported: csv, json. -o , –output_folder output folder for the generated documents. While if the paths does not exist, will try to create; if this argument is not provided, usufy will NOT write any down any data. Check permissions if something goes wrong.

About arguments: Showing additional information about this program.

-h, –help shows the version of the program and exists. –license shows the GPLv3 license. –version shows the version of the program and exists. ```


The capabilities of the tool can be divided as informative, basic searches and processing.


These commands can be used to gather information about the state of the application. - Checking some details of all the platforms to be processed: python --info list_platforms - Checking some details of the platforms labelled as ‘social’ and ‘contact’: python -p social contact --info list_platforms - Checking the number of platforms categorised under each and every tag: python --info list_tags To gather additional information about the tool, you may type: - Checking the help of the application: python -h It may be recommended to be run as to read it step by step: python -h | less - Checking the current version of the application: python --version - Checking the terms of the license: python --license Again, it may be recommended to be run as to read it step by step: python --license | less

Basic Searches:

The basic searches will only print the results in the terminal. Here are some examples: - Checking if the user ‘example’ exist in all the platforms (‘-p all’ is not needed): python -n example We can also use the long version of the commands. In this case, the long version of ‘-n’ is ‘–nick’. Check the section before for further details. python --nick example - Checking if the users ‘example1’ and ‘example2’ exist in all the platforms (‘-p all’ is not needed): python -n example1 example2 - Checking if the users ‘example1’ and ‘example2’ exist ONLY in Facebook and Twitter: python -n example1 example2 - p facebook twitter - Checking if the users existing in ‘test.txt’ exist in the Platforms tagged as ‘social’: python -l test.txt -t social

Additional processing:

Apart from the console output, is capable of generating additional resources: - Checking if the user ‘example’ exist in all the platforms and storing the information of the successfully found profiles in a folder called ‘./results’ (this will create the folder if it does not exist): python -n example -o ./results This option will download the information of the profiles as well as creating a .csv file by default with the profiles found. This .csv file can be changed for a Json file: python -n example -o ./results -e json - Checking if the users listed in a ‘test.txt’ file exist in all the platforms WITHOUT stotring the successfully found profiles but keeping the results in a Json file: python -n example -o ./results -e json --avoid_processing

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