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Uvicorn worker for Gunicorn! ✨

Project description

Uvicorn Worker

The Uvicorn Worker is a package designed for the mature and comprehensive server and process manager, Gunicorn. This package allows you to run ASGI applications, leverages Uvicorn's high-performance capabilities, and provides Gunicorn's robust process management.

By using this package, you can dynamically adjust the number of worker processes, restart them gracefully, and execute server upgrades without any service interruption.

Getting Started


You can easily install the Uvicorn Worker package using pip:

pip install uvicorn-worker


For production environments, it's recommended to utilize Gunicorn with the Uvicorn worker class. Below is an example of how to do this:

gunicorn example:app -w 4 -k uvicorn_worker.UvicornWorker

In the above command, -w 4 instructs Gunicorn to initiate 4 worker processes, and -k uvicorn_worker.UvicornWorker flag tells Gunicorn to use the Uvicorn worker class.

If you're working with a PyPy compatible configuration, you should use uvicorn_worker.UvicornH11Worker.


During development, you can directly run Uvicorn as follows:

uvicorn example:app --reload

The --reload flag will automatically reload the server when you make changes to your code.

For more information read the Uvicorn documentation.

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