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A Plone scheduling product that lets you make easy signup sheets for office hours and class registrations

Project description


uwosh.timeslot offers a simple way to allow users of a Plone site to
register for events (for example: training sessions or office hours).

To get started, add a SignupSheet object to your site and add Day and
TimeSlot object to it corresponding to the days and times that you
would like to allow users to register for.

Once the SignupSheet is published any logged in user can view it and signup for
available slots. When a user signs up for a slot they will receive an email
confirmation. When a user returns to the SignupSheet they can see what times they
are signed up for and cancel their registration if they wish.

Each SignupSheet has a Manager Summary tab which allows site managers
to see who is registered for which times and export the registration
list to a .csv file.

You can optionally enable a waitlist feature that does the right thing
when a registered attendee cancels their registration.

Email messages get sent to confirm registrations, cancellations, and
waitlist changes.

Extra Fields
To customize the extra fields selection on the SignupSheet, go to ZMI ->
portal_properties -> site_properties and customize the timeslot_extra_fields

One field per line and each field must be formatted as follows:


If you want your field value to be selectable from a list, do:

fieldname|fieldname|value1<value label 1>,value2<value label 2>

You must format the fields correctly otherwise they'll just get ignored.


1.5.3 - 2011-07-26

* Fixed imports so they wouldn't break in Plone 3.3.5

1.5.2 - 2011-07-24

* Re-exposed signup sheet's description field

1.5.1 - 2011-06-17

* changed formlib imports to make it work with Plone 4.1rc3

1.5.0 - 2011-05-19

* remove paster definitions from

* add z3c.autoinclude plugin so zcml entry isn't required

* add plone 4 compatibility

* added functionality to customize what is used for the extra fields

1.4.9 - 2011-05-19

* Corrected a problem in view template that would not render in Plone
4 if logged in as a Zope user

1.4.8 - 2010-12-13

* Corrected a permissions problem that cleared out 'Add portal
content' for standard Plone roles Contributor, Manager, Owner

1.4.7 - 2010-03-02

* Split data into more columns for .csv export as requested by Michelle.

1.4.6 - 2010-02-09

* Fix signing up for time slots whose labels have parentheses in them.

1.4.5 - 2010-01-22

* Allow html tags in contact info for mailto tags
* Make meta type match up with what Plone is expecting, fixes reording of Signup Sheets in folders.

1.4.4 - 2010-01-22

* A few ui changes that Michelle requested.

1.4.3 - 2010-01-14

* Added "uwosh.timeslot: ScheduleManager" role so that users do not
need to be Managers to add/edit signup sheets.

1.4.2 - 2010-01-13

* Fixed the check for whether or not a user is logged in

1.4.1 - 2010-01-07

* Fixed a date bug in the tests. They should now work until 2015.
* Fixed a bug caused by using absolute_url_path().

1.4 - 2009-07-27

* Made Brian's requested UI improvements
* Removed nested signupsheets, functionality is replaced by a Time Slot name property
* Some small refactoring/optmization improvements

1.3.1 - 2009-06-08

* Fixed inlining of <dl> signup sheets.

1.3 - 2009-06-08

* Fixed url pointing to wrong sheet when nested sheets are used
* Fixed bumping up next user when space opens up in waiting-listed sheet

1.3beta - 2009-06-08

* Added multiple selection of slots
* Added extra email content field
* Improved signup results page
* Improved child/parent signup sheet behavior
* Increased test suite coverage
* Major code refactoring
* Several minor bugs fixed

1.2.2 - 2009-05-20

* All html validates now.

1.2.1 - 2009-05-20

* Removed useless ScheduleManager role
* Prefixed 'Can view schedule' with 'uwosh.timeslot:' on sharing tab
* Added some more tests

1.2 - 2009-05-19

* Final release

1.2beta - 2009-05-19

* Beta release

1.1 - 2009-05-11

* Many improvements

1.01 - 2009-04-22

* Bug fix release

1.0 - 2009-04-10

* Initial release

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