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Simple Python Varnish socket interface

Project description

A simple python library to administer Varnish over the administration socket. The library can use shared secret authentication. Almost all testing has been done against Varnish 2.1.5.

Note: To use the library with Varnish 2.0.6, set compat = True (Experimental)

This was heavily inspired by Tim Whitlock’s wonderful PHP library (


from varnish_admin_socket import VarnishAdminSocket
varnish = VarnishAdminSocket()

# Optionally set host, port, and secret
# host defaults to, port defaults to 6082, secret defaults to False = ''
varnish.port = 6082
# You probably want to add a newline, this is usually read from a file.
varnish.secret = "123\n"
# To load the secret key from a file set secret_file
varnish.secret_file = '/etc/varnish/secret.txt'
# To use with Varnish 2.0.6 compat = True must be set
varnish.compat = True

# Connect to Varnish

# Purge Commands
varnish.purge(' ~ && req.url ~ ^/cached$')

# Run Stats
print varnish.stats()

# Quit and close the connection

More Usage:

from varnish_admin_socket import VarnishAdminSocket
# You may also set server, port, host, and secret on instantiation.
varnish = VarnishAdminSocket(host='',secret='123\n')
print varnish.stats()

# Setting auto_connect will automatically connect(), will run the first command (besides auth),
# and will then .quit()


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