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Interact with vbscript in python.

Project description

vbspython is a simple package that makes you interact with visual basic script in python.


0.0.1 - Made vbspython but it doesnt work 0.0.2 - Made it work 0.0.8 - Made a press keys will press any keys of choice. A sleep that will make the .vbs file sleep. And a presskey that will press a special key leave empty for a list of keys. 0.1.0 - Made a help loop and runfile. 0.1.1 - Made the getting input system better. Added icons and options in the itemattributes class 0.1.2 - Added a runas command this will run the file as administrator. And a tts class with: say, rate, volume (see in attributes), speak (same as say) 0.1.3 - Added a copyfile movefile createfolder movefolder deletefolder deletefile copyfolder and did some bug fixes 0.1.4 - Added an execute this doesnt stop when opening files like with system 0.1.5 - Added special folders 0.1.7 - Forgot to do the changelog on 0.1.6 and partialy on 0.1.7. I added creating shortcuts to files and added hotkeys. 0.1.8 - Added the option to get a variable from msgbox. use to see if someone said yes or no using the itemattributes. 0.1.9 - Added the Variable class (see github docs) that applies to input, msgbox, and system. Also added @staticmethod to itemattributes. 0.2.0 - Big update! What was added in 0.2.0 was: the amount of looping in @loop, and a variable param to specialfolder, :param for all items in makefile to help ide’s read it, and added a copy and getcopied function. 0.2.1 - Fixes, fixes, more fixes. And added a insta run for runas.

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