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Tools to split and merge vCard files.

Project description

# vcardtools
Command line tools for splitting and merging vCard files.

There are a lot of tutorials for setting up contact servers and syncing -- but few cover the most basic step we need to take.

_Getting our vCards into a sensible shape where we can use them._

Thus far there are two operations available in vcardtools:
- splitting giant .vcf files into lots of little ones with nice names
- **and**
- merging little .vcf files two at a time with interactive prompting

`pip install vcardtools`

##vcardtool split --help
$ vcardtool split -h
usage: vcardtool split [-h] [--pretend] [--filename_charset {utf-8,latin-1}]
[--output_dir OUTPUT_DIR]

positional arguments:
vcard_file A multi-entry vCard to split.

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--pretend Print summary but do not write files
--filename_charset {utf-8,latin-1}
Restrict filenames to character set
--output_dir OUTPUT_DIR
Write output files in provided directory

##vCard Split Sample Usage
`vcardtool split --output_dir <new contacts directory> everyone-you-ever-met.vcf`

## Notes about split filenames
- By default the .vcf files are written into the current directory, there can be a lot of them, you have been warned.
- File names take the form `lastname_firstname.vcf` or as the fields are available.
- Fall back is to use the login section of an email address.
- If insufficient data is available to make a name a warning is shown and the record is skipped.
- If file names become duplicated say 'john.vcf'; *all* the John's get an extension so you can easily identify them later: `['john-1.vcf', 'john-2.vcf', ...]` (View them with something like: `ls *-?.vcf`)
- By default filenames are forced into the latin-1 character set. So you'll find some of your friends with non-ascii vCard names by their email login instead. (if you want to change this set `--filename_charset=utf-8` ... and use Python 3, see Issues above to track progress on the Python 2.7 fix)
- If you cancel midway or anything goes wrong -- feel free to re-run it. `vcardtool split` skips writing files with the same name in the given output directory so you can safely re-run to get those last 5 vCards at the end created.

##vcardtool merge --help
$ vcardtool merge -h
usage: vcardtool merge [-h] [--outfile [OUTFILE]] vcard_files vcard_files

positional arguments:
vcard_files Two vCard files to merge

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--outfile [OUTFILE] Write merged vCard to file

vcardtool merge john-1.vcf john-2.vcf

##vCard Merge Sample Usage
`$ vcardtool merge john-1.vcf john-2.vcf`
<output editted for brevity>

In the even of a conflict you'll see something like:
Please select one of the following options for field "label"
[ 1 ] "[<LABEL{'TYPE': ['WORK']}100 Waters Edge Baytown, LA 30314 United States of America>,
<LABEL{'TYPE': ['HOME']}42 Plantation St. Baytown, LA 30314 United States of America>]"
[ 2 ] "[<LABEL{'TYPE': ['HOME']}42 Plantation St. Baytown, LA 30314 United States of America>]"
option> 5
option> 1

And then hopefully victory.
ADR;TYPE=HOME:;;42 Plantation St.;Baytown;LA;30314;United States of America
ADR;TYPE=WORK:;;100 Waters Edge;Baytown;LA;30314;United States of America
FN:Forrest Gump
LABEL;TYPE=WORK:100 Waters Edge\nBaytown\, LA 30314\nUnited States of Ameri
LABEL;TYPE=HOME:42 Plantation St.\nBaytown\, LA 30314\nUnited States of Ame
TEL;TYPE=HOME,VOICE:(111) 555-5555
TEL;TYPE=WORK,VOICE:(111) 555-1212
TEL;TYPE=HOME,VOICE:(404) 555-1212
TITLE:Shrimp Man

By default the merge command writes to stdout although it can be directed to a file with `--outfile shiny_new.vcf`.

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