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Validator plugin for the Vedro testing framework

Project description

Vedro Valera Validator

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Validator plugin for the Vedro testing framework.

How to Install


For a quick installation, you can use a plugin manager like so:

$ vedro plugin install vedro-valera-validator


To install manually, follow these steps:

  1. Install the package using pip:
$ pip3 install vedro-valera-validator
  1. Then, enable the plugin in the configuration file:
# ./
import vedro
import vedro_valera_validator

class Config(vedro.Config):

    class Plugins(vedro.Config.Plugins):

        class ValeraValidator(vedro_valera_validator.ValeraValidator):
            enabled = True

How to Use

Here is an example scenario demonstrating how to decode a base64 encoded string:

# ./scenarios/
import vedro
from base64 import b64decode
from d42 import schema

class Scenario(vedro.Scenario):
    subject = "decode base64 encoded string"

    def given(self):
        self.encoded = "Y3VjdW1iZXI="

    def when(self):
        self.result = {
            "result": b64decode(self.encoded)

    def then(self):
        assert self.result == schema.dict({
            "result": schema.bytes(b"banana")

Run the test using the command:

$ vedro run -vv

If the expected and actual results do not match, a ValidationException will be thrown, as shown below:

 - Value <class 'bytes'> at _['result'] must be equal to b'banana', but b'cucumber' given

Further Reading

For comprehensive guidance and more information, refer to the official documentation.

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