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a craigslist vehicle search cli app

Project description


I like to ride motorcycles (Dualsports, to be specific) and it's well known that the best place to look for a good deal on used bikes is craigslist. In order to jump on a deal, you've got to constantly troll craigslist for new posts.

However, I like to automate things when I can, so I wrote this little CLI app to search for me. It uses feedparser to sort through craigslist rss feeds and sends you an email notification when it finds new matches.


Vehicular runs in a custom shell that manages all the various search parameters. There are a lot of possible search parameters, inside the shell run help to view all the commands. and help <command> to view help info for <command>. Tab autocomplete works for commands that have specific options. Using it is encouraged as incorrectly typed parameters will fail as invalid.

Of all the parameters, only a few are required: city, seller_type, vehicle_type and make_model.

  • city

    • Run city help to view all available cities in which to search.
      Tab autocomplete is your friend with this one.
  • seller_type

    • Defaults to search for results from both dealers and owners
    • Run seller_type dealer or seller_type owner to change it to your desired option
  • vehicle_type

    • Craigslist splits vehicle listings up into motorcycles and cars/trucks
    • run vehicle_type motorcyle or vehicle_type cars/trucks to select which search you want to run.
  • make_model

    • Selects the make / model you're looking for. Pretty obvious once you think about it.

All the other parameters are optional.

After having selected the parameters, run add_search, which compiles the selected options into an RSS URL, which is stored in the database. After having added the search, running run_search will parse the searches and send an email notification if matches are found.


Install via pip install vehicular


GPLv3, see LICENSE.txt

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