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Library for checking version strings in project files.

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This project provides a Python 2.7/3.x library to aid checking strings in files. Verace’s main use case is checking that version strings are consistent in project files. The main features of this library are:

  • Custom parse any project files for strings.

  • Easily determine if all strings are consistent.

  • Quickly updated tracked strings.

  • Should work on any platform without additional dependencies; Qprompt is recommended for default prompts.


Currently, this project is in the development release stage. While this project is suitable for use, please note that there may be incompatibilities in new releases.


Verace should run on any Python 2.7/3.x interpreter without additional dependencies.


Verace can be installed with pip using the following command: pip install verace

Additional, Verace can be installed from source by running: python install


Start by importing Verace into your Python script:

import verace

Create a VerChecker object, name it and set the root location:

mychk = verace.VerChecker("My Checker", __file__)

Include a file to check. If no check function is provided, check_basic() will be used by default. Let’s look for the version string in

mychk.include(r"lib\", match="version = ", splits=[('"',1)])

Get the string found by the checker:

print("version found = " + mychk.string())
# version found = 0.4.0

The string can be updated in all associated files:

mychk.update("something different!")

That’s the basics. Check out the documentation for more info.

Here are some real-world examples of Verace in action:


The full documentation for this project can be found here on Read the Docs.


How is Verace pronounced?

  • “ver-AH-che” - Italian word for “truthful/accurate”.

Is this library only for Python projects?

  • Not at all! Any project can use Verace!

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