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Python wrapper for the Veracode XML APIs

Project description

Veracode API wrapper

A python wrapper for communicating with the Veracode APIs.

This python module currently supports the following APIs.

There is also a top level helper class Application, this can be instantiated with an application name which exposes properties that will lazy load data from the corresponding API.


$ pip3 install veracode-python


To use this module you will need to configure your API credentials. Visit the Veracode help center for more information.

Create a file ~/.veracode/credentials containing your API id and secret in the following format.

VERACODE_API_ID = 5318f66b17e00...
VERACODE_API_SECRET = 4dc495318f66b1037c...

You can setup multiple profiles if needed and select the profile via the VERACODE_API_PROFILE enviroment variable.


Using the top level classes you can do fairly complex tasks with a few lines of code. Keep in mind that the structure of these modules may change as I add more classes.

NOTE: You can set the VERACODE_LOG_LEVEL enviroment varible to any valid python logger loglevel. The default is NOTSET. Of course you can set the loglevel directly in your code rather than setting an enviroment variable.


>>> from veracode.application import Application
>>> app = Application('verademo')
>>> app
<Veracode Application: name='verademo', id=552948>

<Veracode Build: version='Wed Oct 30 - 8522bfa6', id=5347783>

>>> app.policy
'Production - Critical + SCA'

>>>  app.sandbox
<Veracode Sandbox: name='None', id=None>

>>> app.sandbox = app.sandboxes[2]
>>> app.sandbox
<Veracode Sandbox: name='CI Nightly Sandbox', id=1556344>

<Veracode Build: version='Wed Oct 29 Nightly Sandbox Build', id=5346981>

>>> app.sandbox = None
<Veracode Build: version='Wed Oct 30 - 8522bfa6', id=5347783>

<Veracode Report: application='verademo', sandbox='None', build='Wed Oct 30 - 8522bfa6', flaws=160>

>>> list([0]
<Veracode Flaw: CWE='78', severity=5>

Direct SDK access

Returns a python object with a one-to-one mapping to the returned XML.

from veracode import SDK

result = SDK.results.SummaryReport(build_id=5347783)
print('The number of unmitigated flaws is:', result.flaws_not_mitigated)
The number of unmitigate flaws is: 160

Direct API access

Returns a custom response object with properties data: returned XML and status_code: server response code. The full response is also avialable.

If the API requires parameters you can pass them to the constructor as a python dictionary. The parameter names match the API parameters for the coresponding API that can be found on the help center.

from veracode import API

builds = API.results.GetAppBuilds.get()
print('Server returned:', builds.status_code)
print('The first 20 bytes of the response XML is:',[:20])
Server returned: 200
The first 20 bytes of the response XML is: '<?xml version="1.0" '

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