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VerificaC19 SDK for Python

Project description

VerificaC19 Python SDK

🐍 VerificaC19 SDK implementation for Python.

Latest Version CI codecov Supported Python versions


  • Python version >= 3.7

Make sure zbar is installed in your system

  • For Mac OS X, it can be installed via brew install zbar
  • Debian systems via apt install libzbar0. Source
  • Fedora / Red Hat dnf install zbar


pip install verificac19


Download and cache rules and DSCs

You can download and cache rules and DSCs using service.

from verificac19 import service


update_all may rise VerificaC19Error

from verificac19.exceptions import VerificaC19Error

⚠️ By default rules and DSCs will be cached in local folder, to change it please set VC19_CACHE_FOLDER env variable.

Verify a DCC

You can verify a DCC using verifier. You can verify a DCC using verify_image for images and verify_raw for raw data.

from verificac19 import verifier

result = verifier.verify_image("my_dcc.png")
result = verifier.verify_raw("HC1:GH.....1GH")

verify_image and verify_raw return a dictionary containing person name, date_of_birth, code and a message alongside the result

  'code': verifier.Codes.NOT_VALID, 
  'result': False, 
  'message': 'Certificate is not valid', 
  'person': 'Sčasný Svätozár', 
  'date_of_birth': '1984-09-27'

you can compare the resulting code with verifier.Codes values

Code Description
VALID Certificate is valid
NOT_VALID Certificate is not valid
NOT_VALID_YET Certificate is not valid yet
NOT_EU_DCC Certificate is not an EU DCC

for example

result = verifier.verify_image("my_dcc.png")
assert result['code'] == verifier.Codes.NOT_VALID

⚠️ verify_image and verify_raw may rise VerificaC19Error in case you cache is not initialized. You need to call service.update_all() at least once!

Verification mode

If you want to change verification mode and verify whether a certificate is a Super Green Pass or not, you need to pass verifier.Mode.SUPER_DGP to verify_image and verify_raw methods.

from verificac19 import verifier

result = verifier.verify_image("my_dcc.png", verifier.Mode.SUPER_DGP)

verifier.Mode exposes 2 possible values

Code Description
NORMAL_DGP Normal verification (default value)
SUPER_DGP Super Green Pass verification

Super Green Pass, which will come into force from 6 December to 15 January 2021, will be a certificate valid only for people who have been vaccinated against or who have recovered from Covid19, and will prevent all the others from entering bars, restaurants, cinemas, gyms, theatres, discos and stadiums.


Install dev dependencies

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

Make sure zbar is installed in your system

  • For Mac OS X, it can be installed via brew install zbar
  • Debian systems via apt install libzbar0. Source
  • Fedora / Red Hat dnf install zbar

Run tests

make test

Run examples

python -m examples.<example_name>


Copyright (c) 2021 - Lotrèk Digital Agency


Thank you to everyone involved for improving this project, day by day.


This library is available under the MIT license.

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