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Generate version strings based on semantic versioning rules.

Project description

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Helper tool to generate version strings based on semantic versioning rules. It provides a shell command which you can use in bash scripts and comes with Python classes which you can integrate in your code.


pip install versionbump


usage: versionbump [-h] -c CURRENT [-q] [-i]
               {major,minor,patch,pre} [file [file ...]]


  • -c / --current: Assume current version. (required)

  • -l / --label: Pre-release label.

  • -h / --help: Print help text and exit.

  • -q / --quiet: Don’t write anything to stdout.

  • -i / --ignore: Ignore invalid files

Increase version

$ versionbump -c 0.1.2 patch

Replace version in file(s)

$ cat version.txt
Current version: 0.1.2
$ versionbump -c 0.1.2 minor version.txt
$ cat version.txt
Current version: 0.1.3

If you want to replace the version string in more than one file, just pass them to versionbump aswell. Example:

$ versionbump -c 0.1.2 major file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt

Python library


from versionbump import VersionBump
vb = VersionBump('2.0.1')
vb.bump()              ## default value: 'patch'
print vb.get()         ## 2.0.2
print vb.get('patch')  ## 2


from versionbump import FileBump
fo = open('version.txt', 'r+')
fb = FileBump(fo, '2.0.1')
fb.bump()              ## default value: 'patch', writes to file
print fb.get()         ## 2.0.2
print fb.get('patch')  ## 2


  • bumpversion by Filip Noetzel. Provides much more functionality like VCS integration.

  • grunt-bump by Vojta Jina. Integrates with the task runner grunt.

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