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Virtual Hosts Plugin for Mozilla Circus

Project description

About VHostino

vhostino is a virtual hosts manager for Mozilla Circus.


vhostino can be installed from pypi:

easy_install vhostino


pip install vhostino

should just work for most of the users

Using VHostino

Simply name your watcher and socket as the domain they have to serve and set vhostino.vhost = True to make them serve through virtual hosts on the vhostino port:

use = vhostino.VHostino
host =
port = 8000

cmd = chaussette --fd $( myapp.application
use_sockets = True

vhostino.vhost = True

uid = www-data
gid = www-data

host =
port = 8082

The myapp.application web application will be served as usual on but will be also available on port 8000 when the domain is requested.

Default Virtual Host

By default VHostino will answer with a 404 error whenever a non configured host is requested, to serve a default virtual host simply set the vhostino.default_vhost = True option inside a watcher, whenever a virtual host is not available to serve the request it will be proxied to that process.


To perform virtual hosts resolution vhostino uses the watcher name, so make sure that your watchers are named like the domain they need to serve. In future versions aliases will also be added.

To match socket and watcher vhostino uses their name, so make sure that your socket share the same name, otherwise vhostino won’t be able to detect the process port.

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