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Python command line application to convert vimrc to vscode compatible bindings.

Project description

This tool is meant to convert your custom vim bindings from your .vimrc into VSCode compatible bindings. At the time this tool was created, .vimrc is not officially supported by the VScodeVim extension (the most popular vim emulator for VSCode) and there are no known tool that automate the process formatting vim bindings for vscode-vim.

Link to VSCodeVim: <>


  • Formats bindings for Normal Mode, Insert Mode and Visual Mode

  • Auto-enables popular vim extensions like airline and vim-easymotion by activating vscode ports. Planned

  • Sets flags like :set hlsearch and set :inclsearch. Planned


  • Python 3.6+


You can get vim2vsc by running:

git clone


cd vim2vsc python3 accepts three flags: - --vimrc Specify the path to your .vimrc installation (guesses path based on system if you don’t provide one). - --settings Specify the path to your settings.json for your VSCode Installation(guesses path based on system if you don’t provide one). - --nobackup If this flag is set, vscode-vim doesn’t save your old package.json before modifying it.


python3 –settings ~/downloads/settings.json –nobackup


python3 –s ~/downloads/settings.json –b


  • Issue Tracker:$devanshuDesai/vim2vsc/issues

  • Source Code:


The project is licensed under the MIT license.

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