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Batch render an audacity recording

Project description

Vinyl2Digital - PyPi Package


Vinyl2Digital is a Python3 Pip Package for batch rendering multiple audio files using the Audacity mod-script-pipe.

Install with pip install vinyl2digital

Update with pip install --upgrade vinyl2digital

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  • Install the package with this command:
pip install vinyl2digital


  • Enable mod-script-pipe in Audacity
Enable mod-script-pipe
  • Launch Audacity from your terminal
    • Windows Command Prompt Admin
      • Navigate to Audacity executable location cd C:\Program Files\Audacity>
      • Launch Audacity: start audacity.exe
    • Mac/Linux: open -a Audacity
  • Record your audio and splice each track into its own selection (place cursor and press Ctrl+i)
Split Audio Track * Highlight any selected region and choose File->Export->Export Selected Audio, these quality options will be what vinyl2digital uses. So if you want 24 bit FLAC files make sure that option is set in this window. Split Audio Track * Move your cursor to be at the start of your recording * While Audacity is open, run the vinyl2digital python package with the `-t` flag to test your connection to the Audacity mod-script-pipe.
python -m vinyl2digital -t
  • You should now be able to use the vinyl2digital package from the command line to connect with Audacity and batch render multiple audio files one after the other.



  • -h
    • View the help page
  • -t
    • Test your connection to the Audacity mod-script-pipe


  • -i discogs
    • Take a Discogs URL as input for determining how may audio files to export and what metadata to use
  • -i 12
    • Export 12 tracks using default filenames

Output Audio Format

  • -f flac
    • Export selections as flac audio files
  • -f mp3
    • Export selections as mp3 audio files


  • -o "E:\martinradio\rips\vinyl\NewEnglandTeenScene"
    • Set filepath output location


  • Here are some example commands for vinyl2digital on Win10 command prompt:
  • Export tracks as flac using a Discogs URL

python -m vinyl2digital -i discogs -f flac -o "E:\martinradio\rips\vinyl\NewEnglandTeenScene" 
  • Export 5 tracks as mp3 using default filenames

python -m vinyl2digital -i 5 -f mp3 -o "E:\martinradio\rips\vinyl\NewEnglandTeenScene" 


  • In order to develop and test this code locally clone this github repo:

git clone

  • Install the necessary packages: os, sys, requests, json, time, re
  • Run locally: python3 "vinyl2digital/vinyl2digital/" -h

Releasing a new version:

  • Chance package version number (
$ python -m pip install --upgrade build
$ python -m build
  • This will create the dist/ folder with a new packaged tar
python3 sdist bdist_wheel
pip3 install twine
python3 -m twine upload dist/*

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