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Viper is a handy tool for easily running infrastructure management tasks and commands.

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Viper Infrastructure Commander

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Viper is a handy tool for easily running infrastructure management tasks and commands.


pip install -U viper-infra-commander

Viper CLI Examples

Initialize current workspace (creates a viperdb.sqlite3 file)

viper init

# or remove or overwrite existing data with "-f" / "--force"

viper init -f

Load hosts from file

viper hosts:from-file tests/data/hosts.csv --indent 4

# or with a custom loader

viper hosts:from-file tests/data/hosts.json --loader viper.demo.loaders.json --indent 4

Load hosts from a Python function

viper hosts viper.demo.hosts.group1 --indent 4

Count the number of hosts

viper hosts viper.demo.hosts.group1 | viper hosts:count

Sort the hosts by custom logic

viper hosts viper.demo.hosts.group1 | viper hosts:sort --key viper.demo.sort.by_ip -i 4

Pipe the hosts to a custom handler that formats the hosts to CSV

viper hosts viper.demo.hosts.group1 | viper hosts:pipe viper.demo.handlers.hosts_to_csv

Let's save the hosts

viper hosts viper.demo.hosts.group1 > /tmp/hosts.json

Filter hosts

cat /tmp/hosts.json | viper hosts:filter viper.demo.filters.ip_is --indent 4

Assign tasks to the given hosts

cat /tmp/hosts.json | viper hosts:task --indent 4

Run the assigned tasks

cat /tmp/hosts.json | viper hosts:task | viper runners:run --indent 4

# or use a shortcut

cat /tmp/hosts.json | viper hosts:run-task --indent 4

Run tasks in parallel using multiple workers

cat /tmp/hosts.json | viper hosts:run-task --max-workers 50 --indent 4

Get the past results of the hosts from DB

cat /tmp/hosts.json | viper hosts:results --indent 4 --debug

Or get the past results by task

viper task | viper results:by-task -i 4

# or

viper task | viper task:results -i 4

Let's save the result

viper task | viper task:results > /tmp/results.json

Now filter the results by their status

# success
cat /tmp/results.json | viper results:filter viper.demo.filters.result_ok -i 4

# failed
cat /tmp/results.json | viper results:filter viper.demo.filters.result_errored -i 4

Pipe the results to a custom handler

# print the status to terminal
cat /tmp/results.json | viper results:pipe viper.demo.handlers.print_status

# export the results to a csv file
cat /tmp/results.json | viper results:pipe viper.demo.handlers.export_csv /tmp/results.csv

Let's do that again in one go

viper hosts viper.demo.hosts.group1 | viper hosts:rttp viper.demo.handlers.export_csv /tmp/results.csv

Viper CLI Reference

usage: viper [-h] [--version] [--debug]

Viper CLI v0.5.0

positional arguments:
    init                initialize the current workspace
    task:from-func      [task:from-func FUNC > Task] get the task from a
                        Python function location
    task                alias of 'task:from-func'
    task:results        [Task > task:results > Results] get the past results
                        of given task
    hosts:from-file     [hosts:from-file FILE > Hosts] get a group of hosts
                        from a file
    hosts:from-func     [hosts:from-func FUNC > Hosts] get a group of hosts
                        from a Python function location
    hosts               alias of 'hosts:from-func'
    hosts:filter        [Hosts > hosts:filter FILTER *AGS > Hosts] filter
                        hosts by a given function
    hosts:count         [Hosts > hosts:count > int] count the number of hosts
    hosts:sort          [Hosts > hosts:sort > Hosts] sort the hosts
    hosts:pipe          [Hosts > hosts:pipe HANDLER *ARGS > ?] pipe the hosts
                        to the given handler
    hosts:task          [Hosts > hosts:task TASK > Runners] assign a task to
                        each host
    hosts:run-task      [Hosts > hosts:run-task > Results] assign a task to
                        each host and run
                        [Hosts > hosts:run-task-then-pipe TASK HANDLER *ARGS >
                        ?] run the task on hosts and pipe the results to a
    hosts:rttp          alias of 'hosts:run-task-then-pipe'
    hosts:results       [Hosts > hosts:results > Results] get the past results
                        of the hosts
    runners:filter      [Runners > runners:filter FILTER *ARGS > Runners]
                        filter runners by a given function
    runners:count       [Runners > runners:count > int] count the number of
    runners:sort        [Runners > runners:sort > Runners] sort the runners
    runners:pipe        [Runners > runners:pipe HANDLER *ARGS > ?] pipe the
                        runners to the given handler
    runners:run         [Runners > runners:run > Results] run the assigned
    runners:hosts       [Runners > runners:hosts > Hosts] get the hohsts from
                        the runners
    results:filter      [Results > results:filter FILTER *ARGS > Results]
                        filter results by a given handler
    results:count       [Results > results:count > int] count the number of
    results:sort        [Results > results:sort > Results] sort the results
    results:pipe        [Results > results:pipe HANDLER *ARGS > ?] pipe the
                        results to the given handler
    results:hosts       [Results > results:hosts > Hosts] get the hosts from
                        the results
    results:by-task     [Task > results:by-task > Results] get the past
                        results of given task

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  --debug               show traceback information when an exception is raised

Contributing to Viper

See the contribution guidelines.

NOTE: This file is generated by running "make readme"

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