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Tool to manage your virtualenvs

Project description

# virtualenv-mgr

[virtualenv-mgr]( is a tool to manage multiple [virtualenv]( at once.

Use a file with paths to the root of multiple virtualenvs to perform operations in all of them at the same time.

## Features

  • Install, uninstall or upgrade specific packages in all virtualenvs at once.
  • Print statistic, a histogram, about the usage of packages over all environments.
  • Find/list virtualenvs for further processing, eg. as input for virtualenv-mgr
  • Find all envs having a package installed

## Installation

pip install virtualenv-mgr

## Usage

### Find environments with -z/–envfreeze

Find all virtualenvs ar your current location / subdictionarys (look for the ‘/bin/activate’ pattern)

virtualenv-mgr –envfreeze virtualenv-mgr -z

Define a searchroot, where the scrip should search in:

virtualenv-mgr –envfreeze –searchroot /Users/name/workspace/2014 virtualenv-mgr -zs /Users/name/workspace/2014

Save the paths to a file which you can use later.

virtualenv-mgr -zs /Users/name/workspace/2014 > example-env-file.txt

### Define Environments

Environments from a list:

virtualenv-mgr example-env-file.txt

Or input over a pipe:

virtualenv-mgr –envfreeze | virtualenv-mgr

No arguments –> active virtualenv


### Actions

Install a package / multiple packages

virtualenv-mgr example-env-file.txt -i “django==1.4.16,djangotransmeta”

Uninstall a package / multiple packages

virtualenv-mgr example-env-file.txt -u “django==1.4.16”

Find packages / multiple packages (can look for exact packages ‘==’ or if the package is installed)

virtualenv-mgr example-env-file.txt -f “django==1.4.6”

Install or Uninstall packages in envs where certain other packages are installed.

virtualenv-mgr example-env-file.txt -f “django==1.4.12” -i “django==1.4.16” -u “django-transmeta”

All virtual-environments which have installed django==1.4.12 will install django==1.4.16 and uninstall django-transmeta.

### Pip Histo

print the pip histo ( overview over all installed packages)

virtualenv-mgr example-env-file.txt -p

Distinguishes between different versions

virtualenv-mgr example-env-file.txt -p -v

Take eggs into the histo

virtualenv-mgr example-env-file.txt -p -e


virtualenv-mgr example-env-file.txt -pve

## Help

Envfreeze: * -z, –envfreeze, prints all the envs on . * -s SEARCHROOT, –searchroot SEARCHROOT, path for envfreeze, where to search

Actions * -f FIND, –find FIND find app, use commas to search for more * -i INSTALL, –install INSTALL installes an app, use commas to add more * -u UNINSTALL, –uninstall UNINSTALL uninstalles an app, use commas to add more

Pip Histo * -p, –piphisto, pip histogram * -e, –egg, pip histogram takes eggs into consideration * -v, –version, pip histogram takes versions into consideration

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