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A library to make 3d visualizations easier.

Project description


A small library to help with 3d visualizing (pointclouds).

Getting Started

Please make sure you have pytorch installed properly as a first step.

pip install visualize3d


In your code you can create visualizations:

import numpy as np
import visualize3d as v3d

# First create a list of geometries to show.
geometries = [
    # Pointcloud (N, 3)
        pointcloud=np.random.rand(N, 3),
    # Add random lines (e.g. for a box or trajectory)
        points=np.random.rand(N, 3),
        lines=np.array([i, i + 1] for i in range(N - 1)),
    # Add the origin arrows (X=red, Y=green, Z=blue).

# Save visualization to disk (usefull in remote work or when batch processing)"output.v3d.npy", geometries)

# or show directly (if you work locally or interactive)

To show a visualization that was saved to disk, you can write your own code or simply use the visualize3d commandline tool.

# Show visualization from above
visualize3d /path/to/output.v3d.npy

# Show a pcd file directly
visualize3d /path/to/filename.pcd

# Show all supported files in a folder after another
visualize3d /path/to/folder


Currently there are no guidelines on how to contribute, so the best thing you can do is open up an issue and get in contact that way. In the issue we can discuss how you can implement your new feature or how to fix that nasty bug.

To contribute, please fork the repositroy on github, then clone your fork. Make your changes and submit a merge request.


This repository is under MIT License. Please see the full license here.

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