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An unofficial statistics API

Project description



An unofficial vjudge statistics API

You can use this package to get:

  • submissions data
  • contest standings (comming soon)

Disclaimer: All rights to the site and its data are reserved by the site owner. This is merely a tool to obtain the already acquirable data in a machine readable format. What you do with this data and it's legallity are entirely your responsibility.


Using pip

Assuming you have pip installed, just run the following command on the terminal

pip install vlawyer


Clone the repository

git clone

Then install the package

cd vlawyer
python install


Available functions:

    get_vjudge_data(username: str = '', 
                    oj_id: str = 'All', 
                    problem_no: str = '', 
                    language: str = '', 
                    result: str = 0, 
                    contest_id: str = '', 
                    limit: int = 0)
        Function to return vjudge based on parameters
        username (str): username to search (empty -> all usernames)
        oj_id (str): online judge
            options: All, CodeForces, CodeChef, Gym, LightOJ, UVA, UVALive, 
                     Kattis, AtCoder, SPOJ, TopCoder, etc.
            (ignored if contest_id is specified)
        problem_no (str): problem number (can be found from a problem url in vjudge)
            (if contest id is specified, problem_no is A, B, C, etc. of contest)
        language (str): language of submission
            options: C, CPP, JAVA, PASCAL, PYTHON, CSHARP, RUBY, OTHER (empty -> all)
        result (int): result of submission
            0 -> All
            1 -> Accepted
            2 -> Presentation Error
            3 -> Wrong Answer
            4 -> Time Limit Exceed
            5 -> Memory Limit Exceed
            6 -> Output Limit Exceed
            7 -> Runtime Error
            8 -> Compile Error
            9 -> Unknown Error
            10 -> Submit Error
            11 -> Queuing && Judging
        contest_id (str): contest id (empty -> no particular contest)
        limit (int): maximum number of returned entries (0 -> no limit)
            list: list of dictionaries containing the entries


import vlawyer
import json

# prints the latest 10 submissions from
# converted to json for better readability
print(json.dumps(vlawyer.get_vjudge_data(limit=10), indent=4, sort_keys=True)) 

# prints the submissions by xxx in contest no yyy
# replace xxx with actual username and yyy with an actual contest (otherwise you'll get an error)
print(json.dumps(vlawyer.get_vjudge_data(username='xxx', contest_id='yyy'), indent=4, sort_keys=True))

response = vlawyer.get_vjudge_data(limit=12)
print(len(response)) # get length of response (12)
print(type(response)) # get the type of response (dict)

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