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Velocity map generation using the Ames Stereo Pipeline image correlator

Project description

# vmap

Velocity map generation using the NASA Ames Stereo Pipeline (ASP) image correlator

## Overview

The [ASP/VW]( correlator is fast, memory-efficient, multi-threaded, and _generalized_. This means it can be used for efficient feature tracking operations on two arbitrary input rasters acquired at different times.

### Example

![Rainier velocity map](docs/rainier_vmap.png)

### Command-line examples (run with no arguments for usage)

Generate a velocity map from two orthorectified images (or any raster in projected coord sys, e.g. high-res DEM shaded relief maps with identical illumination): - img1_YYYYMMDD.tif img2_YYYYMMDD.tif - Generates ASP disparity maps (‘-RD.tif’, ‘-F.tif’, ‘-F_smooth.tif’) - By default, calls on ‘-F.tif’ to generate output velocity products - Correlator options are currently hardcoded - can edit directly in main(), but eventually will be accepted as command-line arguments

Convert output ASP disparity map to m/yr or m/day: - img1_YYYYMMDD__img2_YYYYMMDD_vmap/img1_YYYYMMDD__img2_YYYYMMDD_vmap-F.tif - Output: ‘_vm.tif’ (velocity magnitude in m/yr or m/day), ‘_vx.tif’ (horizontal velocity component), ‘_vy.tif’ (vertical velocity component)

Preview subsampled version of disparity map: - img1_YYYYMMDD__img2_YYYYMMDD_vmap/img1_YYYYMMDD__img2_YYYYMMDD_vmap-F.tif - Creates ‘-F_b1_5.tif’ and ‘-F_b2_5.tif’ and opens linked view with [](

Sorry about the long filenames.

## Installation

Install the latest release from PyPI:

pip install vmap

Note: by default, this will deploy executable scripts in /usr/local/bin

### Building from source

Clone the repository and install:

git clone pip install -e vmap/

The -e flag (“editable mode”, setuptools “develop mode”) will allow you to modify source code and immediately see changes.

### Core requirements - [NASA Ames Stereo Pipeline (ASP)]( - [GDAL/OGR]( - [NumPy]( - [pygeotools](

### Optional requirements (needed for some functionality) - [imview]( - [demcoreg]( (offset correction over bare ground surfaces) - [matplotlib]( - [SciPy](

## License

This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT License.

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