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Tempest plugin vmware-nsx-tempest-plugin

Project description



Tempest plugin vmware-nsx-tempest-plugin

This repo hosts vmware-nsx’s functional api and scenario tests.

vmware-nsx is Vmware plugin for neutron. This repo is tempest plugin to test vmware-nsx at function level. All vmware-nsx-tempest-plugin tests are in “master” branch. Some of the tests are designed based on N-S traffic. Intstall thsi repo on external VM to run entire test suite.


  • API tests

  • Scenario tests



  1. On your own development folder, for example /opt/stack/, install your own tempest development env at /opt/stack/tempest/:

    $ cd /opt/stack
    $ git clone
  2. Install virtualenv with the following command:

    $ cd /opt/stack/tempest
    $ ./ -u not_exist_tests
  3. Install vmware-nsx-tempest-plugin master branch at /opt/stack:

    $ cd /opt/stack
    $ git clone
  4. Install vmware-nsx-tempest-plugin in your tempest development environment:

    $ cd /opt/stack
    $ sudo pip install -e vmware-nsx-tempest-plugin

    Run command:

    $ pip show vmware-nsx-tempest-plugin

    You should observe the following statements:

    Location: /opt/stack/vmware-nsx-tempest-plugin
  5. Validate installed vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin successfully do:

    $ cd /opt/stack/vmware-nsx-tempest-plugin
    $ ostestr -l vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin
    $ ostestr vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin.tests.nsxv3.scenario.test_mdproxy.TestMDProxy.test_mdproxy_ping
    $ python -m vmware_nsx_tempest.tests.nsxv3.scenario.test_mdproxy.TestMDProxy.test_mdproxy_ping

Your installation failed, if no tests are shown.


vmware-nsx-tempest tests are tempest tests, you need to run from tempest directory. For example, to run only l2-gateway tests:

$ cd /opt/stack/tempest
$ ostestr vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin.*test_l2_gateway
$ ostestr vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin.tests.nsxv.api.test_l2_gateway_connection.L2GatewayConnectionTest.test_csuld_single_device_interface_vlan

TechNote on vmware-nsx-tempest-plugin:

vmware-nsx-tempest-plugin is a plugin to tempest, not neutron, nor vmware-nsx. It is defined by tempest.test_plugins.

Modules within vmware-nsx-tempest can not see resources defined by vmware-nsx. Commands like following will not work, unless vmware-nsx is installed in your tempest environment:

import as admin_utils

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