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Vodafone Vodafone K4607-Z web interface python bindings

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Vodem Vodafone K4607-Z Web Interface Python bindings

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Code Example

Use the simple interface:

import vodem.simple

vodem.simple.sms_send("+16175551212", "Message String")

inbox = list(vodem.simple.sms_inbox_unread())


For more advanced features, use the raw api:

import vodem.api
import vodem.util

message = vodem.util.encode_sms_message("Message String")
time = vodem.util.encode_time(
number = "+16175551212;"

vodem.api.sms_send({'Number' : number, 'sms_time' : time, 'MessageBody' : message })

Exception handling:

import vodem.api
import vodem.exceptions

except vodem.exceptions.VodemError as exc:

For more examples consult the examples directory


This interface is built to integrate sms capability into an application, or other functions of the vodem that are exposed via the web interface.

It requires the hardware vodem and activated sim card.


Using PyPi

pip install vodem-vodafone-K4607-Z

Using Git

git clone
cd python-vodem-vodafone-K4607-Z
python build
python install

API Reference




As some of the tests are potentially destructive, expensive, or annoying to others, it is best to run tests in a device without a sim card.

To ensure you have been made aware of the risks, read test/unit/api/ for instructions.

Unfortunately this restriction doesn’t work without the top test module specified explicitly as this places unittest into discovery mode which ignores the load_tests protocol.

Running Tests

python -m unittest test


Bugs, Feature requests, Documentation, and Contributions are tracked via this respository.

This project adheres to the Open Code of Conduct. By participating, you are expected to honor this code.

All code should be checked with pylint, tested and documented.



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