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A volume modeler computation-oriented. Include rendering bindings.

Project description


A computations-oriented python VOLume MoDeLeR with STEP support for import and export


Volmdlr is a python volume modeler used as a CAD platform. It is simple to understand and operate. With it, you can easily create 3D models. Check the exemples to see what you can do with this library.

A casing is defined by a 2D contour formed with the primitive RoundedLineSegment2D. This contour is offset by the casing width.

A Sweep is pipes, created with Circle2D/Arc2D which is contained in a Contour2D. You have to create the neutral fiber, i.e., the pipe’s road, with the primitive RoundedLineSegment3D.

A polygon is defined out of points. Random points are sampled and the tested whether they are inside or outside the polygon. They are plotted with the Matplotlib binding MPLPlot with custom styles:

  • red if they are outside,
  • blue if they are inside

A 3D B-spline surface splitted by a 3D B-spline curve.


  • Generate 2D and 3D geometries from python
  • Handles complexe geometries : B-spline curves and surfaces
  • Primitives provide computational tasks : distances, belonging, union, intersections, etc.
  • STEP/STL imports and exports
  • Geometries display in your web browser with babylon.js

User Installation

pip install volmdlr
# or
pip3 install volmdlr

Dev Installation

Before using Volmdlr, be sure to have a C/C++ compiler (not necessary on Linux).
N.B : With Windows you have to download one and allow it to read Python’s code.

First, clone the package. Then, enter the newly created volmdlr repository. Finally, develop the file, and you are good to go !

git clone

cd volmdlr

python3 develop --user
# or whatever version you are using :
python3.x develop --user


See the script folder for examples



100% opensource on LGPL licence. See LICENCE for more details.


Project details

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volmdlr-0.4.0.tar.gz (882.4 kB view hashes)

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