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Audio kit for Volux

Project description


☠️ EXPERIMENTAL: - Beware all ye who enter here ☠️

Todo List

  • Get simple VoluxAudioStream class working
  • Make VoluxAudioStream class highly configurable
  • Add basic example to documentation
  • Add basic documentation
  • Add more examples to documentation

VoluxAudioStream Example


Draws a bar in your terminal based on a simple approximation of the amplitude (i.e. loudness) of the sound coming from your system's default recording device (microphone or computer/desktop audio).

Voluxaudio Amplitude Example

Example Code

from voluxaudio import VoluxAudioStream
import numpy as np
from time import sleep

# call this every time new samples gathered
def on_data(*args, **kwargs):

# open an audio stream with buffering enabled
with VoluxAudioStream(
) as audio_stream:

    # repeat until script stopped
    while True:

        # weakly approximate amplitude
        samples = audio_stream.buffer
        sample_count = len(samples)
        samples_per_channel = np.swapaxes(samples, 0, 1)
        L_channel_e = np.average(np.abs(samples_per_channel[0][-2048:])) / sample_count
        R_channel_e = np.average(np.abs(samples_per_channel[1][-2048:])) / sample_count
        e = (L_channel_e + R_channel_e) / 2

        # print bar
        print(f"{e:<3.3f} " + int(e*100) * '|')

        # wait ~50ms
        sleep(1 / 20)


  • Please note that this is only a simple example and much more complex audio processing is easily achievable.
  • A bar is printed every 50ms that gets longer/shorter depending on the approximated amplitude.
  • Whether your system volume (not amplitude) affects results depends on your system, so it's best to test pausing/unpausing your music if you're using computer/desktop audio instead of a microphone.
  • This example uses buffering as a buffer_size_in_seconds value is specified.

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