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Programmatic fulfillment API for Voodoo Manufacturing

Project description

#Voodoo API

## Example

from voodooapi import API

shipping_info = {
"name": "Oliver Ortlieb",
"street1": "320 2nd Ave",
"street2": "#5",
"city": "New York",
"state": "NY",
"zip": "10003",
"country": "USA"

api_key = "your-api-key-goes-here"

api = API(api_key)

file_url = ""
qty = 1

materials = api.get_materials()

khaki = [m["color"] for m in materials if m["color"] == "Khaki"]

material_id = khaki["id"]

quote = api.upload_and_quote_model(file_url, qty, material_id, shipping_info)

print "Price is $%.2f." % (quote["quote"]["total"])
purchase = (raw_input("Would you like to complete the purchase? (y/n)").lower() == 'y')

if purchase:
order = api.confirm_order(quote["quote_id"])
print order
print "Purchase completed."

## Classes
## API


Creates an API instance that uses the given api key. You should provide a correct API key or the API will not work.


Returns a list of available materials for printing.

Example response:

# Truncated example showing the structure of the response
[{u'color': u'True Red', u'type': u'PLA', u'id': 1},
{u'color': u'True Brown', u'type': u'PLA', u'id': 2},
# End of response


Creates a model on the Voodoo servers representing the model provided by file_url. The Voodoo servers will download the file before providing a response.

Example response:

{u'user_id': 1,
u'deletedAt': None,
u'volume': 263703.684920517,
u'y': 63.9124984741211,
u'x': 155.777496337891,
u'z': 110.86499786377,
u'id': 25,
u'createdAt': u'2015-06-15T15:23:21.122Z'}

###API.create_order(order_items, shipping_info):
Creates an order request on the server and returns a quote for that order, along with a quote id used to confirm the order. The purchase is not completed until the confirm_order method is executed with the appropriate quote_id.

Example usage:

# Order items is a list of dictionaries with the keys:
# { "material": material_id, "id": model_id, "qty": number }
order_items = {'material': 34, 'id': 25, 'qty': 1

# Shipping info is a dictionary with the keys:
shipping_info = {
'city': 'Test city,
'name': 'Test name',
'zip': '12345',
'street1': '123 Test Rd',
'street2': '#1', # optional!
'state': 'AK',
'country': 'USA'

print API.create_order(order_items, shipping_info)
# Response
{u'items': 263814.55,
u'total': 290196.01,
u'tax': 26381.46,
u'shipping': 0},
u'quote_id': u'123456',
{u'city': u'New York',
u'name': u'Oliver Ortlieb',
u'zip': u'10003',
u'street1': u'320 2nd Ave',
u'street2': u'#5',
u'state': u'NY',
u'country': u'USA'},
u'order_items': [
{u'material': 34, u'id': 25, u'qty': 1}

Confirms the order given by quote_id. Prior to calling this method, no order will be printed and no money will be charged.

Response is the same as create_order.

###API.upload_and_quote_model(file_url, qty, material, shipping_info):
Creates a model for file_url and quotes it for the given quantity, material, and target shipping address. Returns the same response as create_order.

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