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VSWMC Command-Line Tools

Project description

VSWMC Command-Line Interface

Install with pip:

pip install --upgrade vswmc-cli

This will install a vswmc command on your system. The vswmc command has a few global options:


    SSA Username


    SSA Password

List available simulations

vswmc simulations list

This shows the parameters that a run requires.

Start a run

vswmc run [--param-file PARAM_FILE] [--param PARAM=VALUE ...] -- SIMULATION

This command returns the ID of the new run via stdout. You can use this ID to fetch the log or fetch result files.


--param-file PARAM_FILE
Read parameters from a file.
--param PARAM=VALUE ...
Set parameters.

Each simulation supports different parameters. To know what parameters you need for a particular simulation, run:

vswmc simulations describe SIMULATION

List runs

vswmc ps [--simulation SIMULATION] [-a, --all]


--simulation SIMULATION
Filter on simulation.
-a, --all
List all runs (default shows only ongoing)

Copy a result file to disk

vswmc cp SRC DST

Downloads a remote result file to local disk. The source should be specified in the format RUN:FILE. The DST argument can be a local file or directory.

Fetch the logs of a run

vswmc logs RUN

List the results of a run

vswmc ls [-l] RUN


Print long listing

Save all results of a run

vswmc save RUN

Saves all result files of a run. The results of each individual task in this run are compressed and saved into a zip archive named after the model for that task.

Stop one or more runs

vswmc stop RUN ...

Remove one or more runs

vswmc rm RUN ...

Create a product

vswmc products create [--metadata-file FILE] [--metadata PARAM=VALUE ...] [--attach FILE ...] -- PRODUCT_TYPE


--param-file PARAM_FILE
Read parameters from a file.
--param PARAM=VALUE ...
Set parameters.
--attach FILE ...
Attach product files


vswmc products create --metadata test=123 --attach ../testdata/solar_wind_boundary.dat -- MHD0.1-1

Returns the ID of the created product.

Start a run using a product as input

vswmc run --param corona=6273ce7678eeb43c60d2eb8f \
          --param grid=test_light \
          --param cmes=examples/resources/cme_list.dat \
          -- euhforia-heliosphere-standalone

The corona parameter expects a product identifier.

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