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A modularized video player with resume function

Project description

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A modularized video player written in Python (supporting AirPlay).




$ pip install vydia


Simply call vydia without arguments to launch the TUI:

$ vydia

Parameters and Commands

$ vydia --help
Usage: vydia [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --video / --no-video  Suppress mpv video output.
  --airplay TEXT        Use airplay server if specified (format: "<ip>:<port>").
  --help                Show this message and exit.

  add_playlist          Add new playlist by id.
  list_airplay_devices  List available airplay devices.

Additionally, an internal commandline can be summoned by typing : (note: it supports autocompletion using [TAB]). Also, pressing h shows a help page.

The following commands are supported (in the correct context): * Playlist View: * add <playlist id>: add given playlist * delete: delete currently selected playlist * quit: quit Vydia ([q]) * Episode View: * pause: toggle pause in running episode (<space>) * info: show video-related information (i) * reload: reload playlist using plugin * reverse: reverse episode order * shuffle: shuffle episode order * next: play next video ([>]) * previous: play previous video ([<]) * continue: continue playback from last save ([c]) * quit: quit Vydia ([q])

Furthermore, the following shortcuts exist: * Episode View: * w: (un)mark currently selected video as watched


  • Filesystem

  • Youtube

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