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Investigate issues with WhatsApp Business API setup.

Project description

WhatsApp Business API Setup Debugger

User Guide:

WADebug is a command-line tool to help find any potential issues with WhatsApp Business API setup, and to make requesting for help from WhatsApp support more effective.

To run, simply type wadebug on command-ine and check the diagnostic. It will guide on some problems and provide guidance if you need additional support.


To retrieve and save logs under wadebug_logs/ in the current directory:

$ wadebug logs

To retrieve logs and send them to Facebook for troubleshooting:

$ wadebug logs --send

[New since v0.1.5] To retrieve logs starting from a particular date time (GMT timezone), e.g.:

$ wadebug logs --since='2020-01-07 3:00:02'

To execute all checks:

$ wadebug

To list all available options:

$ wadebug ls

To execute one specific check:

$ wadebug partial check_mysql_version check_network

JSON mode:

$ wadebug --json


For users:

$ pip3 install wadebug

For developers:

This tool uses tox to test in Python 3. tox will create virtual environments to run tests. Install tox on your system's Python. All other dependencies with go into virtualenvs.

  1. Install tox on your system using pip pip install tox, you may need to run the command in sudo
  2. After installing tox, run tox in the root directory. Tests should run and pass.
  3. Run source .tox/py3/bin/activate to enable one of the virtualenvs. Dependencies will be installed automatically.
  4. Run pip install --editable . to enable wadebug in all directories that would reflect your changes.
  5. Run wadebug with environment variable WADEBUG_DEV_MODE=True to enable full stacktrace. The variable is set to False by default.


To execute all unit tests, from project's root folder directory run:

$ tox

Warning: do NOT run tox from a virtualenv as it will fail.

tox will run tests in Python 3 and run flake8 linter.

To run tests in Python 3 for faster feedback, run either $ pytest from within the virtualenv or $ tox -epy3 out of it.

To run tests in a particular module: source .tox/py3/bin/activate # to enable virtualenv on Bash $ pytest wadebug/wa_actions/tests/ -v

(-v turns on verbose mode, which shows every test case in the module)


More details can be found at file.


The module wa_actions.implementations is the heart of the tool. Each action is a Python class with one static method called _run. This method describes the action to perform.

The idea is that a developer can implement a new action to investigate a potential problem with the deployment without knowing anything about wadebug architecture.

Three sample actions can be seem on wadebug/wa_actions/implementations/ to understand how they are created. On wadebug/wa_actions/implementations/ the implementation of a real action can be found.


WADebug is MIT licensed.

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