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Django app for managing user groups and django-waffle flags.

Project description


Django app for managing time-bound django-waffle user-flag membership.


If you have used django-waffle for managing feature flags, you will probably have come across the challenge of managing which users have access to which flags at what point in time. The underlying model allows you to assign individual users or groups to a flag, leaving you to manage how and when to add users to a flag, or remove users from a flag. Take the following use case:

Give access to user A to feature B for 30 days, starting Monday.

This use case can be challenging to manage at scale. Someone has to remember to turn the flag, and then again to turn it off (which means, in practice, removing the user from the flag, or the flag-enabled group).

This app attempts to tackle this problem by adding a FlagMember model that enables you to set a date window within which a user will be added to a flag, and outside of which they will be removed. The add / remove process is managed via management command.

$ python update_flag_membership


The flag membership is managed using Django Groups. For each flag, a related group called WAFFLE_<flag_name> is created, and assigned to the flag. The management command then runs through each flag, checks the FlagMember table for users who are assigned to the flag on that date, and assigns them to the relevant group. The user membership window is defined through FlagMember.start_date and FlagMember.end_date.

class FlagMemberQuerySet(QuerySet):

    def active(flag_name: str) -> FlagMemberQuerySet:
        """Return all users assigned to the flag today."""
        on_date =
        return self.filter(

Each FlagMember object can sync its own membership:

>>> member = FlagMember(user, flag_name, start_date, end_date)
>>>  # save object, but do not add to group
>>> member.sync()  # add to / remove from group as appropriate

The scheduler clears the entire group and re-adds those members who are active.

def _get_or_create_flag_group(flag_name: str) -> Group:
    flag = Flag.objects.get(name=flag_name)
    group = Group.objects.get_or_create(name=f"WAFFLE_{flag_name}")
    return group

def sync_flag_membership(flag_name: str) -> None:
    """Update the flag group with all members of the queryset."""
    active_members =
    group = _get_or_create_flag_group(flag_name)
    group.add(*active_members)  # this won't scale for large querysets

The management command updates all Flags:

class Command(BaseCommand):

    def handle(self, *args, **options):
        for flag in Flag.objects.all():

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