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Get a hand writing your content with AI super powers!

Project description


Wagtail AI

Get help with your content using AI superpowers.

License: MIT PyPI version ai CI

Wagtail AI integrates Wagtail with OpenAI's APIs (think ChatGPT) to help you write and correct your content.

Right now, it can:

  • Finish what you've started - write some text and tell Wagtail AI to finish it off for you
  • Correct your spelling/grammar
  • Let you add your own custom prompts

Requirements & Costs

You'll need a paid OpenAI account and an API key. There'll also be some cost involved. For the API used here, OpenAI charges $0.002 for 1,000 tokens (a word is about 1.3 tokens). Every token sent to the API, and every token we get back counts, so you can expect using 'correction' on 1,000 word paragraph to cost roughly:

  • (1,000 * 1.3) + (35 * 1.3) (for the initial prompt) tokens sent to the API
  • + (1,000 * 1.3) tokens received from the API
  • = 2,645 tokens = $0.0053

The Future

Wagtail AI is very new. Here's some things we'd like to do:

  • Streaming support - the API supports server-sent events, we could do the same
  • A nice UI - it's a bit rough right now
  • Reduce bundle size
  • Internationalisation on text and support for different language prompts
  • Find a better way to hook in to Draftail to do things like show progress bars/spinners.
  • Add more AI behaviours and features - content recommendations, content based Q&A tools, better ways to direct the prompt.
  • Tests!

If you're interested in working on these things, please do!


Supported Versions

  • Wagtail 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2


  • python -m pip install wagtail-ai
  • Add wagtail_ai to your INSTALLED_APPS
  • Add an OPENAI_API_KEY = "{api_key}" to your Django settings file, replacing {api_key} with your OpenAI API key.


Adding Your Own Prompts

To add custom prompts, add the WAGTAIL_AI_PROMPTS setting to your settings file. This is a list of all the prompts to enable, where each prompt is a dictionary in the form:

    "label": "Short Label",
    "description": "More complete description",
    "prompt": "The prompt to be sent before your text to the OpenAI API",
    "method": "replace/append",

where method is either:

  • replace if the AI response should replace the text
  • append if the response should be appended to the end of the existing text

e.g. to extend the default prompts with your own, add:

import wagtail_ai

        "label": "Simplify",
        "description": "Rewrite your text in a simpler form",
        "prompt": "Rewrite the following text to make it simper and more succinct",
        "method": "replace",



To make changes to this project, first clone this repository:

git clone
cd wagtail-ai

With your preferred virtualenv activated, install testing dependencies:

Using pip

python -m pip install --upgrade pip>=21.3
python -m pip install -e .[testing] -U

Using flit

python -m pip install flit
flit install


Note that this project uses pre-commit. It is included in the project testing requirements. To set up locally:

# go to the project directory
$ cd wagtail-ai
# initialize pre-commit
$ pre-commit install

# Optional, run all checks once for this, then the checks will run only on the changed files
$ git ls-files --others --cached --exclude-standard | xargs pre-commit run --files

How to run tests

Now you can run tests as shown below:


or, you can run them for a specific environment tox -e python3.8-django3.2-wagtail2.15 or specific test tox -e python3.9-django3.2-wagtail2.15-sqlite wagtail-ai.tests.test_file.TestClass.test_method

To run the test app interactively, use tox -e interactive, visit and log in with admin/changeme.

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