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An alternative implementation of the Wagtail StreamField.

Project description

Wagtail AlternateStreamField

This project provides an alternate implementation of Wagtail's StreamField. This was created to resolve issues with performance for more complicated block structures.

Basic Installation and Usage

To install use pip:

pip install wagtail-altstreamfield

Add "altstreamfield" to your Django Project's INSTALLED_APPS list.

Create some custom blocks and a wagtail.core.models.Page subclass like the following:

#filename: [yourapp]/
from django.db import models

from wagtail.core.models import Page
from wagtail.admin.edit_handlers import FieldPanel, StreamFieldPanel

from altstreamfield.edit_handlers import AltStreamFieldPanel
from altstreamfield.fields import AltStreamField

from altstreamfield.blocks import (


# Create some custom blocks
    ('h1', 'H1'),
    ('h2', 'H2'),
    ('h3', 'H3'),
    ('h4', 'H4'),
    ('h5', 'H5'),
    ('h6', 'H6'),

class Heading(StructBlock):
    heading_type = ChoiceField(choices=HEADING_TYPE_CHOICES, required=True)
    text = CharField()

    class Meta:
        icon = 'title'

class Paragraph(StructBlock):
    text = RichTextField()

    class Meta:
        icon = 'pilcrow'

class DocumentLink(StructBlock):
    title = CharField()
    document = DocumentChooserField()

    class Meta:
        icon = 'doc-empty'

class SimpleStreamBlock(StreamBlock):
    heading = Heading()
    paragraph = Paragraph()
    document = DocumentLink()

# Create your models here.
class HomePage(Page):
    body = AltStreamField(SimpleStreamBlock)

    content_panels = Page.content_panels + [
        AltStreamFieldPanel('body', classname='full'),

If you are creating a large number of blocks it is a good idea to separate the blocks into a separate module or modules.

Project details

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