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Copyable ModelAdmins for Django models used on Wagtail Sites

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Wagtail CopyableModelAdmin

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CopyableModelAdmin is an extension of the Wagtail ModelAdmin that allows for model instances to be copied in the user interface with a "Copy" button.


  • Python 3.6+
  • Django 1.11+, 2.0+
  • Wagtail 1.13+, 2.0+


  1. Install wagtail-copyablemodeladmin:
pip install wagtail-copyablemodeladmin
  1. Add copyablemodeladmin as an installed app in your Django


Please see the Wagtail ModelAdmin documentation for getting started with ModelAdmin.

When creating a ModelAdmin for objects that should be copyable, instead of inheriting from ModelAdmin, inherit from copyablemodeladmin.options.CopyableModelAdmin:

from wagtail.contrib.modeladmin.options import modeladmin_register
from copyablemodeladmin.options import CopyableModelAdmin
from myapp.models import Book

# Inherit from CopyableModelAdmin instead of ModelAdmin
class BookAdmin(CopyableModelAdmin):
    model = Book
    list_display = ('title', 'author')
    list_filter = ('author',)
    search_fields = ('title', 'author')

# Now you just need to register your customised ModelAdmin class with Wagtail

In addition to CopyableModelAdmin, there are three mixin classes that can be added to other custom ModelAdmin subclasses:

from copyablemodeladmin.helpers import CopyButtonHelperMixin
from copyablemodeladmin.options import CopyableModelAdminMixin
from copyablemodeladmin.views import CopyViewMixin

class CustomCopyButtonHelper(CopyButtonHelperMixin, CustomButtonHelper):

class CustomCopyInstanceView(CopyViewMixin, CustomInstanceSpecificView):

class CustomCopyableModelAdmin(CopyableModelAdminMixin, ModelAdmin):
    button_helper_class = CustomCopyButtonHelper
    copy_view_class = CustomCopyInstanceView

Getting help

Please add issues to the issue tracker.

Getting involved

General instructions on how to contribute can be found in CONTRIBUTING.


  1. TERMS
  3. CFPB Source Code Policy

Credits and references

  1. Forked from cfgov-refresh

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