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Use easy_thumbnails with Django Wagtail images

Project description

A simple django app that allows you to use easy_thumbnails with the images from Wagtail, including the focal point that you can define on images in Wagtail.

This will allow you to use easy_thumbnail’s features that the thumbnailer in Wagtail does not provide, such as JPEG quality control per image, forcing images to JPEG and the powerful extension mechanism of custom processors.

This is not a drop-in replacement for the wagtail image tag. Rather, you will need use the normal easy_thumbnail tag in combination with a filter and a processor to work nicely with wagtail images.

Quick start

  1. Install wagtail_easy_thumbnails from Pypi:

    pip install wagtail_easy_thumbnails
  2. Add wagtail_easy_thumbnails to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:

  3. Add the following filters to to your EASYTHUMBNAIL_PROCESSORS setting like this:

        # use this one instead of normal scale_and_crop
        # 'easy_thumbnails.processors.scale_and_crop',
        ... other processors
  4. Use in templates as follows:

    {% load thumbnail wagtail_thumbnail %}
    <img src="{% thumbnail page.visual|wagtail_thumbnailer 300x100 crop zoom=100 %}" alt=""/>
    {% thumbnail page.visual|wagtail_thumbnailer 300x100 crop zoom=100 as cropped_image %}
    <img src="{{ cropped_image.url }}"
         width="{{ cropped_image.width }}"
         height="{{ cropped_image.height }}"
  5. Use in code as follows:

    from easy_thumbnails.files import get_thumbnailer
    properties = {
        'size': ...,
        'crop': True,
        'zoom': 100,
    # image is the wagtail image (or subclass) instance
    wrapped_image = WagtailThumbnailerImageFieldFile(wagtail_image=image)
    # thumbnailer has the same properties as the template tag result, so .url, .width, etc.
    thumnailer = get_thumbnailer(wrapped_image).get_thumbnail(properties)

Thumbnail options

The following options can be used to create the thumbnails. Also see the Easy Thumbnails documentation for all thumbnailing options.

size is a required option, and defines the bounds that the generated image must fit within. If one of either width or height is 0, the ratio of the original image is used to determine the resulting width or height, respectively.

Other options are only provided if the given functionality is required:

  • crop required to make the processor do anything. If not given, the normal scale_and_crop processor is used. Options for crop are not supported for this processor.

  • zoom=<N> where N is an integer between 0 and 100 specifying how close to the focal area the image is cropped. Default is 0, meaning as close to the outer image boundaries as possible, 100 means as close to the focal area as possible.

  • upscale if given and the resulting image is smaller that the requested size, the image is upscaled.

If the wagtail image does not have a focal area defined, the normal scale_and_crop processor is used to generate the thumbnail.


The following settings can be set to override the defaults. Also see the Easy Thumbnails documentation for all thumbnail settings.

  • WAGTAIL_FOCAL_AREA_IMAGE_DEBUG: Defaults to False. If set to True, the focal area is drawn on the resulting image (useful for debugging).

  • WAGTAIL_THUMBNAIL_ALWAYS_RECREATE Defaults to False. If set to True, the thumbnails are always regenerated, regardless of cached versions (useful for debugging)


0.3 (2017-11-27)

  • Fixed division by zero error in exceptional situations (thanks to lucasmoeskops)

0.2 (2017-03-15)

  • Fixed github link in (thanks to reduxionist)

  • Fixed a bug where too much zoom was applied when focal area was smaller than target size

  • Some code cleanup


This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.

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