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JavaScript powered frontend for Wagtail

Project description

Wagtail Shell

Wagtail Shell is an experimental frontend for Wagtail admin that converts it into a single-page-application and improvements to the left hand menu.


  • No page reloads for general navigation!
  • Left hand menu rewritten in React, with improved animations and a new collapsed mode
  • Support for views written for different frontend frameworks, such as Django admin
  • A new modal workflow UI that supports rendering any view in a modal

Coming soon:

  • Ability to write new API-driven views entirely in JavaScript (using React, Vue, or something else)

What does it look like?

Wagtail Shell Expanded Wagtail Shell Collapsed


Please note that this project is still very much experimental, is not very well tested, and is likely to change in backwards-incompatible ways without notice

But if you'd like help this project by being an early tester, here's how to install!

Install wagtail-shell with pip:

pip install wagtail-shell



    # ...

    # Must be above wagtail.admin

    # ...

Decorate all Wagtail admin URLs with shell_enable using Wagtail's decorate_urlpatterns helper:


from django.conf.urls import include, url
from wagtail.admin import urls as wagtailadmin_urls
from wagtail.utils.urlpatterns import decorate_urlpatterns
from wagtail_shell.decorators import shell_enable

urlpatterns = decorate_urlpatterns([
    # All URLs that you want to use the Wagtail menu on go here
    # You can also add Django admin or custom views here if you want to!
    url(r'^admin/', include(wagtailadmin_urls)),
], shell_enable) + [
    # All other URLs here

Project details

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