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Add extra icons to your Wagtail project.

Project description

Wagtail Extra Icons

Add extra icons to your Wagtail project.


Version 3.X.X

Is for use with Wagtail versions 3.0 and above. This uses Wagtail's updated module paths from version 3.0.

Version 2.X.X

Is for use with Wagtail versions 2.15 and above. This version uses wagtail's new Svg icon system.

This version works with Wagtail versions 3.0 and 4.*, but is deprecated for those.

Version 1.X.X

Is for use with Wagtail versions below 2.15. This version uses wagtail's old Icon font system.


pip install wagtailextraicons

Then add wagtailextraicons to your installed apps:



The full list of icons is available at docs/ All icons are namespaced as extraicons-- to avoid clashing with existing Wagtail icons. You can add the extra icons to your StreamField blocks like any other:

content = StreamField(
        ('paragraph', blocks.RichTextBlock(icon='extraicons--paragraph')),

You can also add the extra icons to your own custom StructBlock classes:

class PersonBlock(blocks.StructBlock):
    person = SnippetChooserBlock('app.Person')
    text = blocks.RichTextBlock()

    class Meta:
        icon = 'extraicons--person'

Reference the Wagtail docs for all the ways to include icons.



The icon fonts are compiled from the list of SVG files in static_src/wagtailextraicons/extraicons. This makes it very easy to add new icons. All that's needed is an appropriate SVG file, so pull requests with new icons are always welcome. There are a few constraints on the icons however:

  • The icons must fit within their view box. Icons which don't will cause the fonts view box to have negative values, which results in invalid .ttf and .woff files.
  • Try to avoid using strokes, rects, etc. in your SVG. Some of these may work, but plain paths will always work, so prefer paths where possible.
  • Don't set colours on your SVG.

Code pull requests are also welcome.


This project is licensed under the BSD License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details.

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