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Admin-editable settings for Wagtail projects

Project description

A plugin for Wagtail that provides add developer-defined settings to the admin.


Install using pip:

pip install wagtailsettings

It works with Wagtail 0.5 and upwards.

Add it to your INSTALLED_APPS:



Create a model that inherits from BaseSetting, and register it using the register_setting decorator:

from wagtailnews.models import BaseSetting, register_setting

class SocialMediaSettings(BaseSetting):
    facebook = models.URLField(
        help_text='Your Facebook page URL')
    instagram = models.CharField(
        max_length=255, help_text='Your Instagram username, without the @')
    trip_advisor = models.URLField(
        help_text='Your Trip Advisor page URL')
    youtube = models.URLField(
        help_text='Your YouTube channel or user account URL')

A ‘Settings’ link will appear in the Wagtail admin, with links to each of the settings models defined.

Using in Python

If access to a setting is required in the code, the BaseSetting.for_site method will retrieve the setting for the supplied site:

def view(request):
    social_media_settings = SocialMediaSettings.for_site(

Using in Templates

Add the request and wagtailnews context processors to your settings:


Then access the settings through settings:

{{ settings.app_label.SocialMediaSettings.instagram }}

If you are not in a RequestContext, then context processors will not have run, and the settings variable will not be availble. To get the settings, use the provided template tags:

{% load wagtailsettings_tags %}
{% get_settings %}
{{ settings.app_label.SocialMediaSettings.instagram }}

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wagtailsettings-0.3.0.tar.gz (6.7 kB view hashes)

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