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Clean your account AWS

Project description

[![Build Status](]( # Wall-e(In progress)                                                                                  ![Alt text](walle.jpg?raw=true “WALL-E”)

Tool for clean AWS objects… ## Install ` pip install wall-e ` ` pip install git+ `

## How it works: You must have in your aws credentials your api keys like:

` cat ~/credentials [account aws-name] aws_access_key_id = AKIA**************** aws_secret_access_key = **************************************** `

### Enter into src directory ` cd Wall-e/src/ `

### Cleaning CloudFormations: ` wall-e -a your-aws-name -r cloudformation -d dust/cloudformation_dust `

This command will clean all cloudformations if there are not in “dust/cloudformation_dust”

### Cleaning LaunchConfigurations: if you launch:

` python -r autoscaling -a your-aws-name ` This command clean all your launchConfigurations.

### Cleaning your instances: You must have tagged your instance with tag:Name.

and Run:

` python -r ec2 -t tag_name1 tag_name2 tag_name3 -a aws_account `

You will delete all instance not tagged with tag_name1 tag_name2 tag_name3

### Cleaning your snapshots: You must specify how many days you want to retain.

and Run:

` python -r snapshot -D days -a aws_account `

You will delete all snapshots older than days You will delete all instance not tagged with tag_name1 tag_name2 tag_name3

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