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Module for interacting with Wallbox EV charger api

Project description


Python Module interface for Wallbox EV chargers api


Python 3.7 or older Python modules "requests>=2.22.0", "simplejson>=3.16.0"

Python module "aenum>=3.1.8"


pip install wallbox

Implemented methods


  • authenticates to the wallbox api.


  • returns a list of chargers available to the account


  • returns a dictionary containing the charger status data


  • unlocks charger


  • locks charger

setMaxChargingCurrent(chargerId, chargingCurrentValue)

  • sets charger Maximum Charging Current (Amps)


  • pauses a charging session


  • resumes a charging session

getSessionList(chargerId, startDate, endDate)

  • provides the list of charging sessions between startDate and endDate
  • startDate and endDate are provided in Python datetime format (i.e. 2021-05-04 08:41:12.765644)

setEnergyCost(chargerId, energyCost)

  • sets the energy cost for the charger per kWh


  • restarts (reboots) charger
  • a full charger reboot can take a few minutes. Charger status will be slow to update (ie: READY (10s) -> DISCONNECTED (90s) -> READY) CAUTION: use this method with care!! Check if the charger is not in the middle of a firmware upgrade as this can brick your charger.

Simple example

from wallbox import Wallbox, Statuses
import time
import datetime

w = Wallbox("user@email", "password")

# Authenticate with the credentials above

# Print a list of chargers in the account

# Get charger data for all chargers in the list, then lock and unlock chargers
for chargerId in w.getChargersList():
    chargerStatus = w.getChargerStatus(chargerId)
    print(f"Charger Status: {chargerStatus}")
    print(f"Lock Charger {chargerId}")
    endDate =
    startDate = endDate - datetime.timedelta(days = 30)
    sessionList = w.getSessionList(chargerId, startDate, endDate)
    print(f"Session List: {sessionList}")
    chargerStatus = w.getChargerStatus(chargerId)
    print(f"Charger {chargerId} lock status {chargerStatus['config_data']['locked']}")
    print(f"Unlock Charger {chargerId}")
    chargerStatus = w.getChargerStatus(chargerId)
    print(f"Charger {chargerId} lock status {chargerStatus['config_data']['locked']}")
    # Set charger Energy Cost to 0.1€/kWh
    energyCost = w.setEnergyCost(chargerId, 0.1)
    print(f"Charger {chargerId} energy cost {energyCost['energy_price']} {energyCost['currency']['symbol']}")

    # Print the status the charger is currently in using the status id
    print(f"Charger Mode: {Statuses(chargerStatus['status_id']).name}")

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