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Module for handling pySerial Serial objects connecting and disconnecting

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$ pip install watchedserial


WatchedReaderThread is a subclass of pySerial’s serial.threaded.ReaderThread. Similar to ReaderThread, WatchedReaderThread implements a serial port read loop in it’s own thread but instead of killing the thread on a serial disconnection, it calls a callback and waits for the port to become available again before attempting a reconnect. On reconnect it calls a reconnect callback. This should make writing apps that need to deal with unreliable serial connections more seamless and make it easier to write apps that should allow the user to disconnect and reconnect a serial device safely.


Subclass watchedserial.WatchedReaderThread to implement the handle_reconnect() and handle_disconnect() callbacks. Both of these functions should be non-blocking (similar to an ISR).

import time

import serial
from watchedserial import WatchedReaderThread


class MyPacket(serial.threaded.FramedPacket):
    def handle_packet(self, packet):

class MyWatchedReaderThread(WatchedReaderThread):
    def handle_reconnect(self):

    def handle_disconnect(self, error):

ser = serial.Serial(PORT, baudrate=115200)
with MyWatchedReaderThread(ser, MyPacket) as protocol:
    while True:

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