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waterworks: Because everyone has their own utility library

Project description

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* AIMA - Provide some widely useful utilities. (not written by us, but
slightly modified from the original -- see
* ClusterMetrics - a metric cluster**** of cluster metrics!
* ExitCodes - Create textual descriptions of exit statuses.
* FigUtil - Tools for creating tables and figures in papers.
* FunctionPickler - Allows you to create pickle-able references to
* HeapQueue - A more object-oriented wrapper of the heapq module.
* Histogram - Tools for creating and displaying histograms.
* IntRange - Integer Range Parser and Generator
* IntShelve - Just like shelve, but keys are always integers instead of
* LazyList - Lets you treat an interator as a list by filling in the
list on demand.
* PrecRec - standard calculation of precision, recall and f-score.
* Probably - Potentially useful functions for probability, statistics,
and machine learning
* Selectron - A selecting widget for Tix.
* Tailer - tail -f for multiple files written natively in Python.
* TeXTable - Convert a Python table into a LaTeX/TeX table.
* TerminalTitle - Lets you change the title of your terminal in *NIX.
* ThreadedJobs - Wraps twisted.python.threadpool in a way that makes
more sense to me.
* TkGeomSavers - Common geometry behaviors for Tk/Tix
* diffprint - Helps visualize diffs by giving you two parallel lists to
* iterextras - Some useful iterator functions from py2.4 plus a couple added items
* robust_apply - Simple front-end to louie.robustapply.robust_apply.
* vimdiff - Simple interface for visualizing differences between two
strings using vimdiff (or similar differs)

Data structure specific collections

* waterworks.Dictionaries
* waterworks.Files
* waterworks.Numbers
* waterworks.Processes - for creating system processes
* waterworks.Sequences - ists, tuples, etc.
* waterworks.Streams - file-like streams
* waterworks.Strings
* waterworks.Tools - general tools and debugging helpers
* waterworks.new_isinstance - version of isinstance which can handle
module reload()ing better

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