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watson is a simple CI server that helps you build your projects continuously

Project description

# Watson CI

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watson is a simple continuous integration server that helps you build your projects constantly while you edit the files.

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## Philosophy

In its concept watson watches for changes made in the filesystem of your project, and on this basis, runs configured test (or build) commands to check if everything is still fine and all your test pass.

In its usage design it is similar to [Travis CI]( server.

## Configuration

Each project should provide a file named .watson.yaml (note the dot) with its configuration, for example:

  • nosetests

  • pep8

  • .*.pyc

The only requirement is that the script should use an exit code 0 on success and anything else will be considered as failure.

Commands will be executed with relative to the directory where filesystem recently changed.

Example configuration (used by watson project itself) can be found [here](

## Usage

To add your project to watson use:

watson watch

in any directory of your project. .watson.yaml fill be searched up the root directory and your project configuration will be updated in the server.

Config changes are detected and picked up automatically.

As soon as your project is built, server will show a notification about its status. It uses pynotify library to handle it so they look as follows:

![]( ![](

### Portability

For now watson was tested only under Ubuntu, and does not have any kind of abstraction for notification support. Feel free to contribute if you are insterested in other notification systems.

## Server management

Also server will be started if needed using configuration in ~/.watson/config.yaml.

You can manage state of the server as well:

watson start|stop|restart

By default watson listens on port 0x221B (8731), and exposes a simple XMLRPC API.

## Installation

Simply type the following command into terminal to install the latest released version:

pip install watson-ci [–upgrade]

## Contribution

Improvement ideas are welcome.

Feel free to file a bug report, or send a pull request. I will try my best to look into it and merge your changes, or I’ll give you commit rights if you will.

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