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Program to be used concurrently with Dennis Kodimer's CEC 222 lab.

Project description

# Kodimer_Project (or WAV2BIN)

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Program to be used concurrently with Dennis Kodimer’s CEC 222 lab. Features include:

  • Drawing / Creating Waveforms

  • Manipulating Waveforms

  • Storing Multiple Waveforms

  • Exporting Waveforms

## Getting Started

These instructions will help get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine.

### Prerequisites

This program runs on Python 3.x with the following required packages (also in requirements.txt:

` matplotlib numpy scipy ` For Mac Users: Included is a Makefile, which can be used to download the dependencies by simply executing make init

### Installing

To run this, simply use:

#### Windows py -3 wav2binsrc #### Mac python3 wav2binsrc

For Mac Users: Included is a Makefile, which can be used to run the program by simply executing make run

## Usage Here are some helpful tips and pointers on how to use the software.

### Drawing / Creating Waveforms When the program is first run, a window should appear like this:

![Starting Screen](

There are two ways to generate a waveform:

  • Drawing

  • Creating

#### Drawing Waveforms Simply move the mouse from left-to-right on the plot to begin drawing a waveform.


![Currently Drawing Waveform](

When the right-edge is reached, a complete waveform should be visible.

![Finished Drawing Waveform](

Note: Drawing is disabled when a waveform has been drawn or created. To re-enable this, simply Clear the waveform.

#### Creating Waveforms Using the premade options at the bottom (located under Utilize Other Graphs) …

![screen shot 3](

It is possible to create different pre-made waveforms. All that is required is:

  1. Enter value for Cycles (Positive Float)

  2. Select either Mix Function or Overwrite Function

Mix Function is additive (will add waveform on top of currently made waveform). Overwrite Function is replacement (will overwrite waveform in place of currently made waveform).

Example: Sine: 3 Cycles with Overwrite Function

![Sine: 3 Cycles with Overwrite Function](

Example: Random: 2.5 Cycles with Mix Function

![Random: 2.5 Cycles with Mix Function](

### Manipulating Waveforms The basic properties of a waveform can be manipulated as well. These can be found under Basic Graph Properties:

  • Frequency (Positive Integer)

  • Amplitude (Float)

  • Level (Float)

Simply enter a value and hit the return key.

Example: Level: -105

![Level: -105](

Example: Frequency: 3

![Frequency: 3](

In both cases, the Clear option should reset the waveforms to nothing.

### Storing Multiple Waveforms Many waveforms can be stored and manipulated in this program (up to 32 total). Each is unique and separate from one another:

![Multiple Waveforms](

When Creating Waveforms, another waveform can be referenced for usage.


Let’s say that this waveform is drawn under Waveform 1:

![Waveform 1](

Going to Utilize Other GraphsFunctions, by selecting Waveform, another option box appears with values 0 - 31; these are the other waveforms that can be accessed.

Make sure that Waveform 0 is selected and enter 2 Cycles. Select Mix Function and the result should be as follows:

![Mix Another Waveform](

### Exporting Graphs Once satisfied with the waveforms, they can all be exported to a .bin file. Simply select Export at the bottom. (There’s an option to print to .pdf following selecting Export).

When exporting, there should be a screen of all the binary being sent to the file in hexadecimal form:

![Binary Waveforms](

Followed by the produced .bin file.

If a .pdf was generated, it should look something like this:

![Pdf Waveforms](

## Authors

## License

This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file for details

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