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Throw all URIs in a page on to Wayback Machine savepagenow from CLI.

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wbsv("Wabisavi", "わびさび", stands for "WayBack machine SavepageNow") is…

CLI tool for saving webpage on Wayback Machine forever. Enables you to save all URIs in a webpage forever on Wayback Machine.

Try now

You can try this tool on Google Cloud Shell. (First, sudo python3 -m pip install -e .)

Open in Cloud Shell




$ pip install wbsv # Python3.0+

Run & Examples


$ wbsv -h
wbsv 0.1.6
CLI tool for save webpage on Wayback Machine forever.
Save webpage and one's all URI(s) on Wayback Machine.

    wbsv [options] <url1> <url2> ... <urln>

    <urls>                      Saving pages in order.
    no arg                      Launch Interactive mode.
                                (To quit interactive mode,
                                 type "end", "exit", "exit()",
                                 "break", "bye", ":q" or "finish".)

    -h, --help                  Show help and exit.
    -v, --version               Show version and exit.
    -r, --retry <times>         Set a retry limit on failed save.
    -t, --only-target           Save just target webpage(s).
    -L, --level <depth>          Set maximum recursion depth.

Interactive mode

$ wbsv
[[Input a target url (ex:]]
[+]60 URI(s) found.
[01/60]: <NOW>
[02/60]: <FAIL>
[03/60]: <NOW>
[58/60]: <NOW>
[59/60]: <FAIL>
[60/60]: <NOW>
[+]ALL: 60 SAVE: 57 FAIL: 3
[+]To exit, use CTRL+C or type 'end'
[[Input a target url (ex:]]
>>> exit

From stdin

$ wbsv
[+]4 URI(s) found.
[1/4]: <NOW>
[2/4]: <NOW>
[3/4]: <NOW>
[4/4]: <NOW>
[+]ALL: 4 SAVE: 4 FAIL: 0
[+]3 URI(s) found.
[1/3]: <NOW>
[2/3]: <NOW>
[3/3]: <NOW>
[+]ALL: 3 SAVE: 3 FAIL: 0

Search links recurcively

$ wbsv -L2

Increase limit of retry

$ wbsv --retry 10


wbsv 0.1.6




eggplants (haruna)

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